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Another release for your enjoyment, this time including compound clouds, a process system overhaul, a tutorial and plenty more.

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DOWNLOAD: Github.com

READ FULL DEVBLOG: Revolutionarygamesstudio.com

Finally, the awaited end-of-summer release is here! It's a couple months after the beta that was released back in March, but we managed to squish in a bunch of new features since then and fix 12 game breaking bugs, some of which were here since pre-0.2.3. That means you should have very smooth gameplay with relatively few crashes compared to the old versions. But don't forget to save often (I spent over a week fixing that functionality)!

In this release:

  • Compound Clouds! Enjoy the fluid compounds as they drift through the currents instead of the ancient, discrete particle emitters
  • Continued Linux Support—Ubuntu, Arch, and Fedora should all work
  • Colored Organelles—organelle materials are now tinted to be the same color as the membranes
  • Damage Indicator—the membrane and all organelles now flash red when you take damage
  • Process System—no longer spend hours trying to get 5 reproductase to reproduce only to have your cell get rid of it once vacuole storage are full!
  • Engulfment Indicator—the membrane flashes blue when you engulf another cell (or another cell engulfs you)
  • New biomes—whenever you die, you will be randomly placed into one of 5 new biomes. Discover them all!
  • Endosymbiosis—engulf free-floating chloroplasts and toxin vacuoles repeatedly until you manage to assimilate them and use them for yourself
  • Gameplay Tuning—less MP in the editor, better steering, less ATP consumed, and others...
  • A bunch of bug fixes—most importantly, the save/load button actually works this time, and won't crash the game on you!


  • Point mouse to turn
  • WASD to move around
  • Mouse scroll wheel (or +/- keys) to zoom
  • E to release toxins (if you have any)
  • G to engulf other cells (you must be bigger in size)
  • ESC to bring up menu.
  • F2 to switch between microbe stage and microbe editor
  • F4 to save your current gamestate
  • F10 to load your previous saved gamestate
  • F12 to save a name-change
  • Symmetry button between undo and redo in editor


Click here to read a more in-depth devblog about this release. It talks about everything we've been working on, as well as other unrelated stuff.


This time, we have both a release trailer and a play through video. The former shows off the various new features, while the later goes into an in-depth discussion of how to play the game.

Have fun Thriving!

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SPORE2 ^u^

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MatiasMefisto - - 19 comments

better than science class!
looks nice, gonna give it a try

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Looks Nice!

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hehe looks cool gonna try it

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