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Working on a new entity-component-friendly network architecture. Plan for the next weeks.

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I’ve been spending the last week reworking my network architecture playing around with macros.

It will help me a huge deal with prototyping : i don’t want to have to maintain my network dispatcher everytime i’m adding a new feature anymore, it will also add some safety since everything will be abstracted : less bugs and more time to spend on actual game design.

I’m also not satisfied about how i’m handling my skills code-wise, they are not entity-component-friendly and that annoys me. I might refactor them, again i’m a bit scared about delaying actual gamedev work so we’ll see.

I’m setting aside gamedev for 3 weeks but hopefully i would be able to throw *another* playtest mid-september.


I think that's great. Whatever you need to do to make the most solid gameplay possible, do it. And yeah, that might mean delaying actual gamedev work, but it's a positive for the long run. Keep it up!

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Cariboo Author

Thanks for the encouragement !

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You're doing a great job, never give up.

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