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Who composed the amazing sound track of The Waste Land? How did such a collaboration work? Read on.

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The game was already three and a half years in the making and i had no cound track and no composer in sight. I was looking for something precise, moody chiptune songs, something fitting for the vaguely hauting landscapes or intense bossfights. Then during an indie meeting in Milan someone hinted me to a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who had already worked on a couple of games. Let's try. The guy is Davide Cangemi, better known as "Davide C.", and he's not only an inspired composer, he's also a talented and ironic comic artist as you can see on his blog: Davidefumettista.blogspot.com

So i passed him a build of the game and i tried to explain what i wanted for it. After some experiments we found the right mood and all went smoothly: 10 songs, one for each world, and something special for bosses, main menu, etc.

The main source of inspiration has been that long list of NES and Master System titles that have inspired me for the rest of the game, and Davide captured the idea incredibly well. Sometimes it's a slow riff that gives you that subtle sense of being at risk into an hostile world. Sometimes it's a fast track for action sequences. A truly amazing job.

I'm planning to release the complete soundtrack along the game, in the meantime enjoy two songs as a preview. And what about joining the Facebook group here? Facebook.com Or visiting the website? Thewastelandgame.weebly.com

The Fledermaus.

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