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Post news RSS The Temple of Torment 8.1 Released

Contains improvements, mostly memory leak fixes and optimizations. Also a whole new in-game font.

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Change log:

* Optimizations
* Fixed memory leaks
* New font (old still exists as an alternative)
* Improved Sell and Inventory menus

--Full log--
Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed multiple memory leaks
* Optimizations: far less CPU heavy
* Gold weight was wrong in its description
- Shooting a sling bullet into the ground spends the bullet now

* A new 16x16 font for both tiles and ASCII versions
* Sell menu now displays the value of a item
* Item menu now displays the weight of a item (stack in case there are many)
* Items without use functions do not have "Use item" option
* Items that cannot be dropped do not have "Drop item" option
* Trying to sell Gold or Quest items no longer jumps out of the menu
* It's no longer possible to sell 0 value items

* Quest items now have weights

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