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Check out all the cool mods you can use to adjust gameplay! TRS is all about massive replayabilty!

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Hello folks!

On this picture you can see various mods that a Host can activate/deactivate to tweak gameplay style. Atm. mods are only focused on tweaking the current survival but soon we are planning to implement specific mods that change gameplay entirely!

Red Storm
- while this mod is active, whole survial idea will be to stay inside buildings and move in certain intervals beetwen buildings once you have looted it, staying outside will be very dangerous as you will have huge storm that will decrease your armor and slow your marine, so monsters will chew you in no time!

Bunker Mode
- in this mode you recieve a communication device and have to hold your position on a random point in the map, you will be able to build barricades, only problem is, you need to scout for supplies while holding position :)

Point Capture
- maybe one of most interesting and demanding mods, players will recieve series of random points they need to capture on map. To capture a point they will need to create barricades and defenses there, and hold for certain time, once it's captured they move to next point, and their team gets
new items, barricades and additional friendly marines!

Stay tuned for some interesting updates like "hidden Fluffy Hunt mode", the Convoy mission that lasts up to 20 minutes and changes entire gameplay, and even more randomized enviroment to fight in!

Each mode is supposed to be mixed with the other one, so that gives a lot of options to play with!

Cheers! If you want to try the game go here, download it and join the field!

A few good men, is all that's needed to survive :)


This just doesn't look good to me, I don't like it.

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So tough.

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