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Basically, I'm going to spend a couple of months or so reworking the approach I had to the races of MyWorld.

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The development plan for MyWorld right now, is to create the architecture for the main race (Human-like), so that I can construct settlements in-game.

But. For architecture, I need to know their culture. For their culture, I need to know their ethics... For their ethics, I need to know what conditions they evolved in. So! The basics is, I need to do all the theory development. Now, I never knew how deep I was going to get into this; I thought it would just be a basic fantasy game, with some additional features that would make it awesome.

The Plan;

- Fauna Development
Come up with a basic portfolio of 1970 creatures. (Type, Appearance and adjectives)

- Flora Development
Come up with basic portfolio of 1980 plants. (Type, Appearance and adjectives)

- Spread Creatures across the globe
Organize the creatures and plants and create a food web in groups of locality. Then spread to appropriate destinations.

- Intelligent Creature Development
On rare occasions, creatures will come up, in the generator, with the "Tribal" tag. The tribal means they will evolve into races.

- Racial Development
Do further development on the "Tribal" tagged creatures, including more adjectives and some basic history (Initial leaders, initial location, intelligence assessment, etc)

- Examine surroundings, risk assessment of wilderness
Take a look at what environment the intelligent creatures have evolved in, and assess if they grew up in a location where warfare was necessary, or if they evolved in a woodland, mountain, underground, coastal or grassland location.

- Create racial ethics
From the documented descriptions and assessments, come up with a number of ethics for the intellectual creatures. (Are they tree-huggers? Do they revel in warfare? Are they pacifistic? etc)

- Conceptial Art of Intelligent Creatures
Create an image of the intelligent creatures, from their description.

- Work out spread of culture (City/outpost constructions)
From what the intellectual creature fears, respects, hates or loves, work out the spread of development. (If they are afraid of open skies, they may develop further through forests than open plains, or likewise for waters).

- Design Architecture
From all of the above, design a architectural rule of building construction.

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