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This is the story I've bee working on, The Nightmare... Hope you enjoy the story :D

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The Nightmare: Chapter 1: The Awakening

It was a cold stormy night, I lay in bed thinking about life and death, until my mom walks in, sits next to me and asks me what's wrong, I've been a drowsy mood since last Sunday, my mom asks me:"Alfred, what's wrong?" "nothing...I'm just, confused" I said while looking at the big, gray poster behind her, "why are you confused?" mom said: "...what does this poster mean?" I said looking at the poster, the poster was a big, gray poster with a man standing next to a tree, my mom sighed and said it was something I'd understand later..."goodnight, Alfred" she said, leaving the room, I was confused why mom said I'd understand what it meant...later, I stared at the painting in big detail, but I still couldn't understand what it meant, I turned off the lights, when I got back in bed, I felt something was here... I quickly turned on the lights and I saw a shadowy figure standing outside the window, I got so freaked out I ran to my mom's room, and told her what I saw, she thought I was going mad, the truth is I've always been scared of the dark, and what lurks "inside it"... Mom looked out the window, I was 4 feet away from her because I was scared, mom kept on looking outside for 30 seconds until she screamed...I got so scared I screamed at her:"WHAT IS IT, MOM?" she runs back, and tells me: "Alfred, your going to bed RIGHT NOW! and whatever happens...STAY IN BED, do NOT MOVE! BIZARRE THINGS MAY HAPPEN! STAY STRONG AND BE CAREFUL!!" she runs out of the room and I could hear her talking on the phone, seconds after, I left the lights on and went to bed, I prayed to God that everything will be okay...I went to sleep, I woke up...but...I couldn't move... I was paralyzed and the shadow figure I saw earlier was standing in front of me I was so scared I wanted to scream, but I couldn't, smoke was coming out of my mouth every time i tried to scream, the figure walked closer to me in the most paranormal way, almost like ¥_+|'Æ, when he was walking towards me, he was talking. But not, like we do.... He sounded like he was saying somewhat letters in a deep dark distorted voice, I could hear the letters: H, L, P, M, D, G, T, R... It was creepy, suddenly, I could move again, I tried to run, but he caught me with arms coming out of his back, he said:" YO£¥UR COMM>\¿ING WITH ME" I screamed, no one heard me, he put his hand above me and sprayed green gas that made me faint... I woke up in a dungeon or something a year later or so it feels... I walked around a little until I saw something... I couldn't believe me EYES when I saw it... It came closer... And...


End of Chapter 1...

By: Potato999


The Nightmare: Chapter 2: Reunited

MonosDOA - - 4 comments

I like the imagery with smoke coming out of the kid's mouth when they tried to scream.

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