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A big surprise for me... :$ Thank you! :) And a present for you Bros :)

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Hey Everyone!

So first of all i wanna thank | Koyaan | the support. He did a video of the game. I've never believe that it can happen but.... I'm so happy... So Thank You so much. :)

(There's the link: Youtube.com)

So i'm back and i take you something. :)
Yep, it's a new demo. I hope you will like it.:)

I promised +1 map but i couldn't do it. I'm so sorry for that. :/
I have a lot of idea but i need more time to do them. :|

Let's check the new stuffs:

- New Menu Music
- New Background Musics (i'll do a list of the musics)
- New Effects
- New Game Over Screen
- You can run now (just press "D")

- Jennifer is here and you don't thank anything after kissing her (New Animation after the "accident")
- Piggy is now "online" ;) (But don't f*** with him o.O BUT SERIOUSLY! >.> )
- Try to play on the piano :)

- Fixes Item Icons
- Bug fixes
- Text fixes

That's all for now.

Oh and there's the list of the musics:

- Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsodie for piano N.09 S.244 'Carnaval de Pesth' in Eb (I love Ferenc Liszt's musics and i'm proud that i'm from Hungary too :))
- Liszt - Etude d'execution transcendante - 02 Molto vivace
- Eyes Half Closed - Sparks - A Story Without An Ending

Thank you for following and reading.
"Stay Awesome Bros" ;)

Peace :)

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