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Here is the background story of Exile Saga explaining what led to the destruction of the world.

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When the world was full of life and prosperous, there was a covenant of fanatical demon worshipers. The covenants increasing violence and strikes upon the innocent caused them to become hunted. Forced into hiding the covenant did not end their bloodshed but instead happened upon an ancient construct hidden far underground. This construct had the markings and symbols of the very demons they worshipped. With this discovery, they spent years examining and learning about the symbols; eventually they were able to unleash a spell to open the construct, a portal. A powerful demon came out of the portal and with the help of the covenant; this demon was able to summon his legions of demons. This brought about a cataclysmic war, leading to the end of humanity's prosperous days.

Eighteen years later the remaining humans have constructed a monastery hidden from the eyes of the demons. A sacred ground where they now train and hope to one day reclaim their past glory. It is here where the story begins and will lead off into the distant lands destroyed by the war.

The main character, and unspoken leader of the group will chart out these unknown lands, is called Aedan. The young man was born and raised within the training halls of the monastery; it was his only home for the still maturing orphan. He will face many struggles as his will and strength to succeed shall be tested many times.

Accompanying Aedan into these lands are two close friends, both of whom grew up training with him. The first of his companions is Mira a mage with the ability to cast strange, powerful magic and a stubbornness to fuel these spells. The second of his companions is Sienna, who wishes only the protection of her close friends through the guardianship of her magic and a calculating mind to find the answers through any situation.

Through their companionship and the help of other close allies, they will be forced into a situation that will lead them out of the monastery and into the hell-torn land beyond.

That is how the world was led into what it is now today. There will be more information to come soon along with Kickstarter info! Thank you and be sure to support us at Facebook.com and Twitter.com for updates!

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