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Inspirations and more information on the various factions.

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There are currently 9 factions and 8 cultures in the land of Calradia in this mod. All of these cultures/factions have been based off of various cultures in the migration period.

Kingdom of Torothia:

The main inspiration of the Kingdom of Torothia is off of the various Gothic and Germanic tribes that invaded and settled in Europe during the 4th and 5th centuries. Torothia is a confederation of 3 tribes, the Torothians, Goivithi, and the Omnevigi. Each of these tribes have a small upgrade tree within the main troop tree, as well as specific equipment and colors. For example, the Omnevigi have axemen, while the Torothians use Falxes. Due to this they have the largest troop tree in the game. Torothia is located on the western edge of the map, owning territory that belonged to the Swadians and Rhodoks in Native.

Goth and Roman Weapons and Armor in the 4th Century ...(example of what the Torothians are based off of)

Kingdom of Abanal:

Abanal is based off of the Britons and the Picts. However, it is really hard to be historically accurate due to lack of records when it comes to the Picts especially. They inhabit the Mountain range to the South, and work as a Rhodok-like faction in Native. They're unique in that they have the best crossbowmen in the game as the Picts are said to have had crossbows (however there is a debate in if they were used in actual combat). Since Calradia is a fictional land, I took the liberty of fantasy and allowed them to use and have crossbows. They have good infantry as well, but very limited cavalry.

Vaegir Rus:

The Vaegir are based off of the early Slavic migrators. They are mainly located in the Snowy region of the map. The Vaegir have the best offensive infantry, as their troops have high ironflesh, weapon skills, power strike and a large variety of weapons such as axes, swords, spears, and throwing spears. However, they do not wear much armor, just as the Slavs of this period were noted to have not used much armor as well.

Temir Khanate:

Based off of the Pannonian Avars who invaded the Eastern Roman Empire in the 6th Century, as well as the Alan nomadic tribes. I wanted to make them different than the Great Horde (hunnic like) faction that I will have invading in the future. They have quality cavalry, archers and horse archers however their infantry is lacking compared to the other factions. Their infantry can also use bows, which makes them useful in defending against sieges.

Northern Clans:

Based off of the Nordic Invaders and the Vikings (yes I know, couple centuries later) Nords have very good offensive infantry, similar to native. Their tree now includes an axeman path, which leads to the fearsome beserker, well armed and has the best throwing skill in the game. However they do lack cavalry and have really bad archers to make up for their quality infantry. Despite their archers having trash skill, they are well armed as well and can hold themselves in a fight if needed to. They own the North-eastern coast, such as Rivacheg and are usually in conflict with the Vaegirs.

Kingdom of Jumne:

Based off of the Saxons that invaded the British Isles, they have good infantry, some cavalry and trash archers as well. Despite not specializing in much compared to their Nordic neighbors, they have a wider range of weapons (nords don't use much spears). However, their units have the lowest wages, making them great for garrisons (they are only payed 80% of the wages troops at the same level are payed). Not only that, but their top tier infantry is of high quality as well. They own the north-western coast of Calradia.

Sarranid Empire:

The main inspiration of the Sarranid Empire is that of the Sassanid Persian Empire. The greatest rival of the Calradian Empire, the Sarranids control most of the desert. They have the best heavy cavalry units in the game, as well as good infantry and decent archers. Both their infantry and cavalry are armed with swords, spears/lances, maces and axes. Their heavy cavalry have armored horses and long two handed lances (kontos) that allow their lance charges to be very effective.

And last,

The Empire(s):

The Calradian Empire is inspired by the Late Roman Empire. Both the East and West share the same troop trees, and start with friendlier relations with each other. The Empire has the best defensive infantry, armed with large oval shields, spears and swords with heavy armor. They also have throwing darts (similar to the plumbata) to weaken the enemy. They have decent archers, however their heavy cavalry is lacking compared to the Sarranid Empire (its noted that Roman Cav in their period as inefficient compared to their infantry). They control the Central part of the map, making them vulnerable to most of the factions in the game.

I will go into more detail on the troop trees in a future article


Sounds interesting. Looking forward to more.

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Is this mod still alive?

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