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Who stands behind the game {Undefined}? How much experience does the team have?

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The team

The experienced team has been working for about 3 years on this project.


David is the lead dev on the team and responsible for concepts, programming, engine utilization, infrastructure, deployments, roadmap, etc... He is an experienced programmer and started creating games when he was 16 years old. He is working with Unreal Engine for about 6 years now and knows his stuff. He also worked with Unity Engine before. Worked on a kind of thief simulator created in Unreal engine before.

He loves gaming and is also a private pilot in real life.


Rene is mostly responsible for arts, shader programming, a little bit of programming and QA. He is an experienced 3d artist and is working with Unreal engine for about 5 years. Also worked on a kind of thief simulator created in Unreal engine before.


Is only helping out with voxel stuff here and there. Is a hardcore C++ pro and knows how not to do memory leaks ;)

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