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As expected, an announcement was made on the 26th June. Here is an overview and what should be expected on the new title 'The Decay'.

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The Decay, is a post-apocalyptic infection simulator. The goal is not so much to kill the infected for loot or cash, but to try avoid them, so you may scavenge elsewhere to survive. We analyse what people want in this genre of games, we listen to the community to try and develop THE game you would want to be playing in 2014.

  • The Infection has lead to a Pandemic, spreading thought much of the world, The Decay takes place on a fictional island, but with real world themes, such as the scottish countryside or city areas.
  • The core aspects rely on Energy, 'Health, Thirst and Hunger'. You will have to sleep every once in a while to regain energy in order to survive.
  • The infected are rare, and food and water is scarce, but if ever encountered with a member of the infected, you are advised to run in the opposite direction and avoid him. Without proper provisions and equipment, taking down the infected will be a hard task.
  • It will be a FPS-RPG game, with both aspects coming into play.
  • It will feature a huge open world the size of New York city.
  • Many ideas are from the community, so if you have any ideas you may want implemented into our game or indeed any other game, feel free so tell us in the comment section, or on our website: Orionindustries.webs.com

In addition we will be posting Development Videos showing how the latest version of the game is like, and what was recently added to our beta. These will be starting soon on a regular basis.

Thank-You all

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