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This news shows how the combat system in planeswalker works.

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In this first image you see the battlefield with the player and 2 wulves on it. In the lower right corner you can see the action-bar, that shows which charakter will act next. The icons representing the charakters move right on it with differernt speed, depending on how fast they are. If a charakter reaches the right end, he can act. Hes moved to the left after finishing his action, the movement is stopped while a charakter acts. In this image its the players turn. The charakter is moved by klicking on an empty field and attacks by klicking on an enemy in range. The buttons on the right from up to down: the first shows the current action which is moving\attacking here. the 2nd shows the number of AP(action points) you have left. Normaly you have 6 per turn. You can move around(costs 1 AP per field) or attack an enemy (costs 4 AP) or use a skill (costs various amounts of AP). If you consume all the APs, your turn ends and the movement on the action bar goes on. The next button "Inventar" allows you to open your inventory and use items such as potions or change weapons, you can press "i" to go there, too. Using items in battle costs AP. SKIP: press this button to skip your turn, even if you have APs left. You can also press space for skipping. SKILL: brings you to the skill selection screen, where you can select spells etc.for using them. User Posted ImageUser Posted Image This picture showsthe enemys turn. The enemy moves and attacks, following creature specific rules which may differ from the way players act. User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

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