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Wow! It's been nice seeing your support for Thy Sword. We're soon on the last day of voting for Indie of the Year. We were surprised when the game rolled on around the top. Now we're aiming for the top 100 at least!

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Again, a big Thank You to the voters and pixel lovers.

We'll keep updating the page, the Devlog and the Greenlight page. Sop check back for updates and information about the release date, features and more.

Here are some new juicy screenshots from the game:

Get that sweet loot!

(We're currently increasing the amounts of loot from monsters and chests - because more is MORE!!!!)

Scr Loot

Of course, every now & again you have to stock up on weapons, potions and all that good stuff.

Or gamble away your money. I mean get the chance to WIN some money. Your choice. House usually wins though...

Scr Village

That's one big mother. Queen. Whatever, let's kill it! "Insert epic rude Boss response here)

Scr SpiderQueen

Stay Sharp!!! And remember to vote.

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