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Post news RSS Terra Nova 10.66 is released!

Version 10.66 is released for 3.2 beta (nov27th)! [I]all downloads will be hosted on moddb.com from now own[/I]

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this version is save game compatible with 10.64 and 10.65 only.

This is a important update. event triggers were optimized in the hopes of speeding up the game. Time will tell if this worked. Private Bank events are less nation breaking and improved. Updated SRI AI event content. Color coded logs for missions, events, and decisions. many more fixes and improvements.

version 10.66:
-moved dutch and flemish cultures to a new dutch_group.
-moved some cultures from na_south to na_central.
-moved some cultures from north_american to more accurate groups.
-*nations can no longer convert to an empire (imperial_government) unless by event.
-adjusted the difficulty settings. Hard and very hard should be harder. Easy and very Easy should be easier.
-removed the trade_company_benefits modifier because it is redundant due to a modifier given via decision for the indian trade company.
-sound toll for scandinavian nations can now apply to any nation if the correct provinces are owned.
-private (central) bank modifier now only gives +0.6 inflation instead of +1.0 inflation constantly (suggested by extox).

decisions\TN Nations Province.txt:
-fixed a bug in the designate_the_staple_port that pointed to antwerpen instead of vlaanderen (reported by extox).

events\TN AI Set.txt:
*-updated the id's and localisation.
-fixed a bug where baden (BAD) was missing from the file.
events\TN AI prepare.txt:
*-updated the id's and localisation.
-updated to version 6 of SRI AI mod. added more events and removed some.
events\TN Bucc.txt:
-optimized triggers.
-removed some events that were redundant or uneeded while updating others to fill those needs.
events\TN Chaos.txt:
-secret society events will be more common for certain nation situations.
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Corruption.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Disasters.txt:
*-created a famine event (Stevo76's idea).
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Economy.txt:
-private (central) bank event chain will now fire less often before 1600 and more often after 1600.
-added more modifiers to the Private bank exit event along with ai_chance modifiers.
-optimized triggers.
-the Private (central) bank event will now happen more often for Secret Society member nations and those AI nations will accept the private banks more readily.
events\TN Explore.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Goods.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN HRE.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Inca.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Joust.txt:
-optimized triggers.
-joust should happen a bit more often after 1600's.
events\TN Military.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Multiplayer.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Natives.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Pagans.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Papacy.txt:
-optimized triggers.
-added papal controller modifiers.
events\TN Political.txt:
-created a event that tells the player when a buy province mission was declined by the AI (suggested by extox).
-The AI will now choose options better in the ruler election events depending on the AI's slider settings.
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Religion.txt:
-optimized triggers.
-added modifiers to detect if a missionary is in progress.
events\TN Ribelanto.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Sengoku.txt:
-the Changes to Daimyo Government event will no longer repeatedly fire for Ashikaga.
-added a modifier to christian diamyo event and removed the trigger.
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Setup.txt:
-it is now possible to choose 'defualt settings' when starting a new game (in the second event). this makes it so you can use the default settings and not have to go through the custom settings events (suggested by extox).
-optimized triggers.
events\TN State.txt:
-optimized triggers.
-added some modifiers and removed some triggers.
events\TN Unknown.txt:
-optimized triggers.
-fixed a bug where there was duplicate triggers.
events\TN Unlucky.txt:
-optimized triggers.
events\TN Vassal.txt:
-optimized triggers.
-france will take twice as long to diplo-annex if it is player controlled.

localisation\TN Cultures.csv:
-added new dutch_group (culture group).
localisation\TN Events.csv:
*-added text for a test accepted culture event.
*-updated text for SRI AI events.
*-added text for new famine event.
-added extox's improved advisor mod event descriptions.
localisation\TN Modifiers.csv:
-trade investment description was changed.
localisation\TN Regions.csv:
-added a SRI AI region.
localisation\TN System.csv:
-moved all tutorial related text into the newly created TN Tutorial.csv file.
-all events will now be white colored in the log.
-decisions will now be displayed in red in the log.
-missions will now be displayed in green in the log.

-fixed a bug that was disabling the port in cornwall (reverting the port position to vanilla). this was reported by extox.
-added a SRI AI region.
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