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Official preview of the game buildings & facilities.

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A. Office - The office is your telecom company headquarters. This is the big building where most of the professional activities are carried out. Also, an office provides space to allocate your customer service department. Note that you can have a maximum of 10 representatives per office.

B. Retail store - A retail store is an establishment where you can sell goods. In this case, it is the place where customers buy subscriptions to your mobile service. Once you have designed your subscription plans, you need to hire employees to start earning subscribers. Note that the amount of weekly subscribers, will depend on your coverage spectrum and the amount of employees that you have per store (maximum of 5 employees).

C. Data center - Data centers are the core of your telecom network. This are the buildings where you host the servers and all the necessary connections, to provide your subscribers with the best coverage. Make sure that you hire enough engineers per center (maximum of 10 engineers) to maintain your network operations.

D. 4G cell tower - A fourth generation cell tower with a coverage spectrum (range) of 7 coverage hexagons. This tower can support a limit of 700 subscribers, depending on how you install it.

E. 5G cell tower - A fifth generation cell tower with a coverage spectrum (range) of 16 coverage hexagons. This tower can support a limit of 1600 subscribers, depending on how you install it.

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david1448907901 - - 2 comments

Epic where can you townload it?

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IndiestarGames Author
IndiestarGames - - 4 comments

We are glad you liked it! Believe us that we are just as excited as you for the launch of Telecom Tycoon, but by the time the release date is to be decided. Contrary to common, we will be doing something different. This time, we're just going to suggest a couple of days and the fans will choose the release date using social networks. You are the players so you decide! Later we will be giving details on this.

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