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Help Team Blur Games in World Domination! Or just help us with the game :)

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Team Blur Games is currently looking for new members to fill the gaps, so to speak, on its latest project called "OverDose". At this moment in time, we have two people working on OD full time, which is Nicolas, our coder, and myself, as a designer; All the features that have been coded are all Nicolas are his own work. Likewise all the artwork you see in the game, the UI's, models, textures etc, are all my own. We do have various other members who help when they can, but nobody that we feel can really bring this project forward with some solid, finished work. I won't lie, a lot of what goes into OD happens behind the scenes, with character and weapon models popping up slowly. But things like maps, models and the like are a rare occurrence for us; A little too rare in fact. It would be nice to get at least one character model finished and animated, ready for testing in the engine, something that’s possible right now but we are forced to use Doom 3 and Quake 4 media instead.

What Is OverDose

OverDose is a Multiplayer team objective based game with online and offline play. Two sides, Earths Confederate Marine Corps. and Marauders, battle for control of locations on Earth. Based in a first person, the two conflicting teams must battle not only each other, but large open terrain areas. Every class has his own strong and weak points, but every class is a vital role to the game.

You can view the full game design document, including classes, weapons and features, here: Indiedb.com

Key Technology Points At A Glance

• Per Pixel Lighting, ala Doom 3, only with Shadow Mapping, which provides soft shadow are variable resolution per light source.
• Material system and GLSL shaders.
• Post-processing effects.
• Terrain (Vertex blended, Mega Texture Tile) and custom foliage with interaction.
• MD5Mesh and MD5Anim Skeletal animation.
• Sky portals, mirrors, portals, and remote camera subviews with all the trimmings.
• Particle effects and particle editor.
• High definition cinematics and in-game videos (Rendered at 720p with custom .roq encoder).
• Widescreen support.
• Real time Ambient Occlusion.
• Parallax mapping.
• Your whole tools package with UI's, from ODRadiant (Custom Radiant with real time lighting and shadow), ODCompress (Compress .tga into .dds easy), ODMap (Compile your .map into OD's .bsp format), ODModel (Create a .mdl model for OverDose static mesh, or a clip model), ODFont (Create fonts that work ingame for OverDose from free .ttf fonts) and ODVideo (Create full 720p high quality low file size videos for use in UI's and ingame).
• A hell of a lot more...

Required Positions

• Mappers - We badly need people with experience mapping for id Software based tech (Mostly id Tech 4), people who can work with real time lighting and use static models in their creations to their
advantage. As OverDose is set in a post apocalyptic world, maps are dark, grungy, post process/particle heavy and feature a lot of destruction, ala the Fallout universe. Mappers have various tools to aid them in creation, from advanced terrain mapping, particle editors (Soon to be implemented for you), an amazing lighting system and more.

• Modellers - Weapon models, character models, vehicles that are destroyed and used as map objects, and even bog standard in your face static map meshes are all needed. At this stage it would be amazing to get at least one model 100% finished and animated so we can get it ingame working, but alas, working with such high detail is always hard work. Because we are using next generation process here, its really hard for your average HL2 modeller to work with the standards we use, and it gets even harder once they find out how much of a pain MD5Mesh smoothing groups are.

• Coders - This project is currently coded by one guy... ONE. This one man has done more than some TEAMS do, and its time we gave him a break to be perfectly honest... He deserves it! So we are looking for people who can help out with game code and on the Tools side of things to help with the project.

One area we don't need much help in at this time is Sound Design. We have our own sound designer who has gave us hundreds and hundreds of original content sounds, plus we have a music guy who has done all our ingame music, too. So, for now at least, sound is perfectly locked down.

Well with that, I'll leave this open for any questions, comments and so on. If you feel you may be able to contribute something to OverDose, please get in touch with us either by the forums, or directly over E-mail (odium@teamblurgames.com) and MSN/LiveMessenger (odiummsn@hotmail.com). We really do look forward to hearing from you all :) You can also sample the OverDose soundtrack at the official OverDose website: Teamblurgames.com

Finally, here is some artwork, ingame stuff, technology shots and renders for you to check out:

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Thanks for taking the time to read, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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razorb - - 500 comments

honestly if i wasnt busy with my own project i would join you guys straight away... good luck finding people! and great work so far!

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Dremth - - 1,400 comments

yea dude, same here. this game looks awesome

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