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We've finally done it. The first beta demo is ready to be consumed! Have a look, have a download, slice up the world!

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Oooouh yeah, it's finally out of the oven! The beta version of our demo can now be downloaded at Tinyandbig.com!


If you were intrigued by the lowres I posted last time, you can now see, hear and smell it in full resolution and surround sound (I guess). Besides, newer ingame footage will be posted the next days.

It was both a lot of work and a fucking blast to make. We are not done with it of course, and you already knew that because it says 'beta' up there in the first paragraph. The plan is to release the final game in episodic form, with the first episode being released somewhere around August this year. Until then, we hope to get a bit of the good ol' internet attention, and blogging makes this happen, right?

So please download and tell your friends, feedback is very much appreciated! Share your opinion here or over at our site, or by mailing tiny@tinyandbig.com!

(And you can actually kick that stupid little fat guy around if you catch him! I've seen somebody do it!)

SelfieDK - - 134 comments

Downloading :D

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scubahunter - - 99 comments

Definitely gonna give it a shot. ;)

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DuckSauce - - 969 comments

Just played it, movement system definitely needs work, but you got the core of the game down very well, great work!

You may wanna add the video and some extra images in this newspost, then maybe the ModDB staff will put it on the rotator for some extra attention.

Seriously, if you wanna grab even more attention for this game, just talk to the ModDB staff for some tips :) They're very helpfull people.

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blackmodeler - - 1,015 comments

Fabulous! cannot wait to try it ^__^

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BRKNnode - - 92 comments

LOVE IT!!!!! I want to know mooooore and such like.

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INtense! Staff
INtense! - - 4,098 comments

Very cool art style, should get the file uploaded here.

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