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- Tactical battle system - Main, Side-questing based on current date, and time of day - Life-like traffic - Mini games - Solve puzzles - Experience student life with rich stories, and unexpected endings

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Chapter 1 : The Contests
Game title: Out School
Version: 1.0
Price: $ 1.99

Paid Version: Play.google.com

Demo Version: Play.google.com

Tactical RPG 2D game with modern style.


Out School's a tactical game that combines puzzle solving on adventure to the school. Our main character (DANG) wants to know how to create a game?, So DANG participated in the contest. With talents and strategies DANG's easy to overcome all difficulties. DANG must trade many things: love, honesty, money to achieve the goal of creating a complete game.

What is the magic recipe to make a successful game? The question burned Dang's mind, and went to college to study the matter. However, he eventually discovered that the subject matter was simply not covered in any course. He left in disgust, and found a group called SU NGHIEP that might just have the answers he's looking for!

Game Title: Tactical RPG: Out School (TRPG: Out School)
Out School literally means Out-of-School not Shool's Out.
The way the author created this game must learn from outside the school. NOT the meaning of having finished school, Because he dropped out of school to create it.

+ There are more than 200 unique weapons and different attributes.
+ There are more than 60 types of clothes and jewelry to beautify the character.
+ When equipped, It will change the appearance of the character.

+ After completing the story will unlock challenges against strong enemies.
+ Puzzles from NPC and side quests
+ Try to convince others for survive

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