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Beta no longer. Announcing the release of Squid Yes! Not So Octopus! Squid Harder v1.0. Full list of changes, downloads and screenshots are merely a click away.

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With great thanks to everyone who tried and tested the beta and supported the game during its creation, I'm proud to announce that SYNSO: Squid Harder v1.0 is now complete and ready to download. The feedback I received helped shape what turned into v1.0 and all of it proved invaluable. I thank you all. You're great. Rather than expend energy on extra levels, given the game was already feeling pretty complete I opted to settle with just the 4. Tidied up a few loose ends, tightened up some stuff including the scoring, new accessibility stuff and a new enemy to change the dynamic of play a tad.

Naturally, it's not over yet and after a small break, I'll be revisiting this and adding some new content along the way but for now, it's complete and ready to go. Enjoy!


SYNSO:Squid Harder [cc] SYNSO:Squid Harder V1.0 Screenshots SYNSO:Squid Harder V1.0 Screenshots SYNSO:Squid Harder V1.0 Screenshots

So, some new stuff, some old stuff, some changed stuff. What's different in v1.0?

Changes since the beta version:

  • Changes in scoring: The faster you shoot an enemy, the higher the score. Clear them off before they score low points.
  • Backgrounds: New background images. Can be turned on/off in the options screen.
  • New title sequence and game end. Just a little bit flashier.
  • New enemy: The chaser. Rides the edges of the screen bringing death and destruction to anyone it touches. Ok, it's just a blob but it doesn't hurt to make it sound grandiose. Does not appear in practice mode.
  • More Motion Blur Options: From none to silliest.
  • Closed Captions: On screen display of audio cues.
  • Various misc. bugfixes. Lots. And lots.

Stuff that didn't make the cut in the end:

  • Extra levels. Sorry. Ran out of ideas and the will to live.
  • Alternate controls. Tried. Didn't work. Broke the game design. So no go.
  • Colour blindness support. Broke at the last minute. Took it out. Will patch in at a later date after a small break.
Ynkyr - - 94 comments

Great! Nice work man. Downloading...

Have you ever thought about a level where random waves of enemies occur? I mean you define lots of waves and they occur in a random order.

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Lez - - 37 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Noremakk - - 189 comments


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RobF Author
RobF - - 24 comments

:D Ta chaps!

DeathLink, aye, that was my intention for the now not anywhere outside of my head World 5, but I couldn't get it to fit well with the rest of the game without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Perhaps I'm just too fussy on these things. Dunno!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
ebol4 - - 161 comments

The game is so crazy already its like a whole jumble of sore fingers and toes. Might as well put it in lol.

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JustDaveIsFine - - 1,545 comments

I'll check this out, it looks interesting.

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myles - - 854 comments

Perfect Eye Sex

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yardymothymus - - 148 comments

My eyes were raped, and that's not a bad thing.

Great style, I loved it. Good work :D

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Stubby - - 207 comments

my eye's were also raped.

it hurt so good.

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Shnooter - - 7 comments

Only one way to describe this game.... Space Invaders on acid!

Awesome game so much fun and old school is brilliant!

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RobF Author
RobF - - 24 comments

Glad folks are enjoying it :)

Cheers for the kind words and support.

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