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"Director's Cut" will be our first adventure game, currently in pre-production. This is the original, unedited version of the synopsis.

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Protagonist: A celebrated 26 year old movie director.
Name: Avery Ashcombe
Job: Film Director at Azure Films
Wife: Emily
Motivation: Find out what led to the accident of his closest friend. Eventually, exposing and bringing down the cult??

Antagonist: "Walrus", leader of a cult (madman within reason). Members and secret agents of the cult.

Time: 1948

Plot: Avery lives the privileged life of a celebrated movie director in Hollywood. He is just about to finish the shooting of his latest movie, when an accident happens on the set. The victim of the tragedy is one of his closest friend. He is questioned by the police on the scene, when he notices that a piece of paper has fallen out from the costume of his friend, probably during the accident. He can't help, but save the paper to himself. Later that night he reads the paper which is some kind of riddle, a clue to something...

Little he knows at this time that Walrus, leader of a cult is behind all this. The cult has sworn to clean Hollywood from artists that has gone corrupt in way or another. Before they resort to fatalistic measures, they give them a last chance to reform and "cleanse" the target by blackmailing them and force them to complete a chain of puzzles.

Note: Obviously Avery (the player) doesn't know about the cult right away. He's only got a strange clue to follow...

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