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Release notes and information regarding, Super Duper Mega.

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Super Duper Mega, is a platformer/side-scrolling shooter based off of me and my friends' YouTube series. The game closely follows the events of each episode but also takes some creative liberties.

I strongly recommend watching some of our videos to get a feel for what this game is about (and if you're wondering how we managed to get an actual rescue helicopter AND former vice president, Mike Pence in our videos... I guess you'll never know).

King Chip Boss Battle

The game itself features three chapters with two bosses in each of them. After playing this game you will be able to say (with confidence) that you defeated foes such as an animated bag of chips, a demented piece of icebreaker chewing gum, Satan himself, and the entirety of ISIS.

Not only that, but you have the assistance of the all-powerful Joe Rogan throughout your whole journey.

Breaker of Ice Boss Battle

Aside from the bosses and Joe Rogan, you get to play as Bryan and Matt. Not to be confused with Ryan and Matt, I don't know where those names came from or who those people are.

Regardless, you will have to switch between characters throughout each level to overcome various obstacles. During your journey you will also be equipped with a saltshaker and a 9mm pistol to defend yourself against enemies.

Blastass Minigame

There are three minigames that you can play along with the main story mode. The one featured above is the Blastass minigame, an epic auto-scrolling obstacle course where you get to show off, you're insane skateboarding skills. There is also a Glizzy Gobbler minigame, where you must take the place of a hot-dog trying to dodge stomach acid that is raining from the sky. The third minigame is a bit haunted, but I won't get into that. You won't be the same after you play it.

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