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My art and story design guy, Bravo, has gone to work on the story for 'Outland' and the art for it too which you will see sometime in the near future! Check out his small clip of story below and comment what you think of it! :D

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What's going on guys, this is Bravo, or 3ravo, whatever you wanna call me is fine. I'll be working on the story aspect of the game for Aeos and am also going to be doing some of the animations and design for the most part. A little info about the game: you play as a man called Connor Harris. You and your best friend, Ben, have escaped from a sinking cruise boat on a smaller speedboat and are looking for land. When you finally see an island in the distance, you head towards it, but a storm comes upon you and you lose your friend, thinking it was your fault that he (to your knowledge) is dead. Some more info on the story will be coming soon. The game will be played in 'Chapters,' or missions like other games like Battlefield and/or Call of Duty.

-Bravo/3ravo, Head of Story and Art Design

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