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The last 3 months have been great. Tons was done but that also leaves tons left to do. I will be pushing forward through the holidays to provide a great game.

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I would like to stay a lot has been done over the last 3 months. I apologize for not updating but here are the quick bullet points:

Refactor 90% Complete

  • LUA system for levels in place. (Features a full LUA API to interact with the game.)
  • All characters, Items and level metadata is stored in json payloads and dynamically loaded into the game.

With the above complete I am still missing the fog of war and a few other small updates. Then its on to what is to come.

  • Crew relationships (20% done)
  • In ship screenshots of crew
  • New Art (already in the game but not officially out yet.)
  • Polish pass #1

After this it's on to content creation like crazy which means:

  • LUA levels
  • Characters
  • Items
  • Images and Assets
  • Sounds
  • Everything else.

All in all it's going to be a fun next 2-3 months as this finishes up. So for a more whats in the next few weeks. I will be learning GLSL (Shader scripting Language by GL.) to create the Fog of war which should look nice and not blow out your FPS. After that I have another Art Update which should complete the art for the game, if not get it well close to 100% for the first Polish pass. I will be updating shortly with the types of new art.

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