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We are still searching for peorsons who want to help us...

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We are still searching for peorsons who want to help us finishing this game.
Still searching for:

Programmers(2),Mappers(1),Modelers(2),Sound Engineers(1),Spriters(2),Skinners(3),Concept Artists(1).
Most wanted domains:
Texturers,Programmers,Mappers,Sound Engineers

Let me remind you that this game we are working on is a samurai based game(elements from the samurai era).Original story,original gameplay,original maps and sounds.

Also I would like to announce that starting from NOW! , Afan will become the programmer's manager and will manage the programmers and their work for this project and the next projects and,adamobrn will become the 3D Artist's manager,leading the 3D modelers and the skinners.The other members will be normal members,exceptin the special ranks of course,manager,leader etc.

What the new programmers need to know?
Well,they will use the Irrlicht engine for any scripts or coding for the game and they will be under Afan's command.

...Will make maps in IrrEdit.If the programmer thinks he can use other type of maps like .bsp maps (half-life type map...then they will use worldcraft)

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