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We’re launching our Final Testing before release on Steam! We’re offering some nice Prizes and Cold, Hard Cash for people who help test! Play the NEW, Improved Starship Raider and Alliance Wars game modes and the NEW Free-For-All Brawl Deathmatch mode! Spectators are welcome to watch all events from the NEW Spectators VIP areas!

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We have quite the list of improvements and upgrades to tell you about!

NEW Free-For-All Brawl (Deathmatch) gameplay mode:
The game is currently set in the redesigned Lower Launch Bay area. More map options may be added later.
Server owners can set the length of a round, the fee, the payout percentage, the number of AI, and choose between several weapon type combinations from guns & grenades to swords & shields. Players all pay a small fee to enter, the person with the most points at the end of the round wins the pot at the percentage the server owners sets. Points are made by killing AI and players.

NEW Server Config system:
Added ability for Server Owners to:
1. Change gameplay mode while the server is running.
2. Assign Admins, Operators and Moderators to help manage their servers.
3. Kick and Ban people.

Starship Raider gameplay mode Overhauled:
Gameplay is now a hybrid between the old raid game and a deathmatch game. Rounds are timed now and the player with the most points at the end of the time is the winner with one caveat — the player MUST score on the treasury to qualify to win.
All players pay a small fee set by the server owner, the winner gets the pot at the percentage the server owners sets. (Must be 70–100%) All players accumulate XP for kills.
The game can be set in three configurations/maps. Deck 2 Only — All Decks — All Decks with no Deck 2.

Alliance Wars gameplay mode Overhauled:
The game is now 10x10 always. If you only have 3x3 for example, AI Defenders/Yul’s are placed to make it an even 10x10.
Teams/Alliances start on opposite ends of the ship, one in the Teleport Center and one on the Bridge. All action takes place on Deck 2.
A new Reactor room has been created in the Utility Shaft at the midway point between the TP Center and the Bridge.
Both Teams attempt to be the first to make it to the Reactor room, destroy the Reactor shield and steal the Fusion core, then make it back to base to win. All players pay a small fee in Faces to play. The funds go into an account and are then distributed to the winning team equally based on the payout percent the server owner set. All players accumulate XP for kills.
There are now 2 modes — Public and Ranked. On Public servers you choose between Red and Green team. Teams are automatically made as even as possible. The winning team is not placed on the Leaderboard however the payout works the same and all players accumulate XP for kills.

Other programming updates:
Adjusted controls so tab now gives you cursor/mouse control — T switches 1st/3rd person view.
Made the Metrics / Vital Info pane default to the upper right corner of ther GUI.
Added server owner Affiliate link to Buy now buttons.
Added Navmesh for AI navigation in the Lower Launchbay.
Added the ability to track all Faces transaction. Will add an interface shortly.
Corrected PBR implementation to better match industry standards.
Corrected engine graphics formats for better VR Support.

Art updates:
Corrected face normals on ship hall models so reflections are more accurate.
Added a new Reactor area on deck 2 midway in the Utility Shaft.
Added glass floor Spectator area above the entire length of Deck 2.
Added glass floor Spectator area above the Lower Launch Bay for watching Free-For-All Brawl deathmatches.
Added new images and descriptions for the upcoming games in the intro screen as you enter the game.

Work on Sky City:
Adjustments made to the Violator race cars so they’re easy to drive.
Sky Cars are now flyable.
Redesigned the upper deck and track to more closely match the concept art.
Created 4–5 premade, customizable Store models in various sizes that will be tokenized and sold soon.

New Wallet Art and Shop images for all items.
Website and market site combined and migrated to AWS so they’re scalable as traffic demands and so players need only create one account.

Removed the players view of his/her own body to prevent the camera from viewing the face from the inside.
Created Help pages to make it easier to launch in the Rift or Vive.

Completed all requirements to release the game on Steam.

Multiple other small programming and art fixes and adjustments too numerous to list.


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