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Post news RSS Starpoint Gemini 2 - Update v0.6008 brings ship visual customization

A brand new update to Starpoint Gemini 2 - Alpha version brings visual ship customization, the frequently asked about shortcuts and many bug fixes. A couple of screenshots are thrown in as well, to spice things up.

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Update 0.6008 is more focused on fixes rather than adding more content. The highlights are ship visual customization available on the Station->Drydock panel, functional shortcuts (sorry it took this long ladies and gents) and a severe optimization of the GUI system. We've drastically improved performance of that section. You might notice some performance improvement in general as well. This is only ONE optimization step and further will follow.

We're very eager to show off more of our work and to continue implementing global events, more Freelance missions and build up on the existing game world. The entire changelist can be found below!

We've made a small collection of screenshots from the latest build to accompany the update:

Station of solacePimp my starshipCustomized ship in actionFighter wings on mission!Myrmidon cruisingTriton departuring


  • FIXED: A bug where hovering the cursor over the Fighter wing buttons on the Context menu would show the targeting reticle instead of standard select cursor
  • FIXED: Several errors that could occur on loading a save file
  • FIXED: Shortcuts are now functional as intended (HostilePrev, HostileNext, Skill1, Skill2, Skill3, Skill4, Equipment1, Equipment2, Equipment3, Equipment4, LaunchAll, LaunchWing1, LaunchWing2, LaunchWing3, MarkTarget, Menu, QuickAction)
  • FIXED: A bug where the second fighter wing would show the wrong hint on mouse hover
  • FIXED: A bug where the Freelance mission panel could be opened and automatically closed which could cause other issues only repairable by restarting game
  • FIXED: Loot drops no longer come with zero quantity
  • FIXED: Ship name on the Fleet panel now shows actual ship name
  • FIXED: Ship name on the Drydock panel now shows actual ship name
  • FIXED: Several text errors
  • FIXED: Several text formatting errors that could cause memory leaks
  • ADDED: Schematic images for several stations
  • ADDED: A new station model
  • ADDED: Customization tab on Station->Dryodock in the form of changeable ship banner, ship color, decals, ship name etc..
  • UPDATED: Severe performance optimization of the GUI system
  • UPDATED: Mouse sensitivity slider is now functional
  • UPDATED: Camera sensitivity slider is now functional
  • UPDATED: Wormholes are now appropriately named "Wormhole". This will be further expanded on to show the wormhole's destination

If you're looking to get more info, check out our official Facebook page and our Twitter channel!

To find out more on how to go about modding Starpoint Gemini 2 even in its current alpha stage, visit the Modding site!

Best of luck captains!

DonnieBrasco - - 22 comments

Can I put my own logos in-game?

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DanijelMihokovic Author
DanijelMihokovic - - 15 comments

Indeed you can :). We're keeping the game as open to modding as possible. Adding new logos/banners can be done in two ways:
1)change the existing logos on the appropriate texture
2)add new logos to the banners texture and add the needed info in the banners.wdt database table. Database tables can be edited with the Notepad, so it shouldn't be a problem. We've got a lot of info already on the modding site modding.starpointgemini.com

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