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StarCore Legacy (The remake to 2016's Legends of the Universe - StarCore) is now a available on Steam.

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StarCore Legacy is now available on Steam:

Store Page: Store.steampowered.com



StarCore Legacy is a remake to the 2016 game, Legends of the Universe – StarCore. The game is a metroidvania style action platformer where you will explore a giant ship filled with enemies, hazards and giant bosses. Obtain new abilities to open up new areas of exploration. You play as Trion, an Arkonian soldier sent on a stealth mission to retrieve the StarCore (a powerful object held by your enemies , The Draketh). Trion can shoot, dash, double jump and slide is way around the environment. As you progress through the game you will encounter new allies who will aid you on your adventure. StarCore Legacy has been built from the ground up in a new engine but holds true to the original. Some areas and events have been remixed from the original.


The Draketh, an advanced race of planet miners have obtained the StarCore, a powerful object of unknown origin. The Power of the StarCore has led to the Draketh becoming a power-hungry empire set on ruling what they can and destroying what they can’t across the galaxy. The Arkonians (one of the planetary alliances that oppose the Draketh) set out on a small stealth operation to steal the StarCore away from the Draketh before it’s planet destroying power can be used again.



*Metroidvania Style Exploration

*Several Unlockable Abilities and Weapons

*Multiple Boss Battles

*Unlockable Fast Travel System


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screen6 1

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raptoryum - - 7 comments

I immediately bought this game on steam! Thank you for making it. It has a cool retro atmosphere! I think it has some bugs tho. For example when I stopped walking, walking animation continues sometimes.

Also I am not sure game mechanics works correctly at the begining of the game (after that floating robot saves the player and destroys itself). Or maybe I couldn't find what to do there lol!

By the way I think game needs some polish work about controls. It would be great to have a proper controller support and adjustable configuration.

Even I played for a few minutes I like StarCore Legacy. Thank you again for making this game!

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