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Want to know what rank you would be using the Star Wars Format? Here is the Star Wars Ranking System.

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Star Wars Ranking System

(Modelled on the Flying Rank Structure)

High Marshal (Group Leader #1)
Force Marshal (Group Leader #2)
Chief Marshal (Group Leader #3)
Marshal (Group Leader #4)
Vice-Marshal (Group Leader #5)
Commodore (20)
Group Captain (19)
Wing Commander (18)
Squadron Leader (17)
Flight Lieutenant (16)
Flying Officer (15)
Pilot Officer (14)
Warrant Officer (13)
Chief Master Sergeant (12)
Senior Master Sergeant (11)
Master Sergeant (10)
Flight Sergeant (9)
Chief Technician (8)
Sergeant (7)
Corporal (6)
Junior Technician (5)
Senior Spacecraftman (4)
Leading Spacecraftman (3)
Spacecraftman (2)
Spaceman Basic (1)

The Star Wars Ranking System is a work in progress, revisions may occur at a later date.

If you are above Rank 20 on MOD DB, you can only hold the rank of Commodore, unless special permission is given by the High Marshal.

Due to the number of members we could potentially receive, your rank will be reviewed on a monthly basis, unless I have help in updating peoples status.


i will help you update the ranks. :)

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Luckly im a Marshell, because im level 29

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i wonder what the maximum level is that you can get up to

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marauder76 Author

Maximum Level is High Marshal according the TheForce.net, and that rank may not even exist.

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i mean level like CKYRules is level 29. :)

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I have no idea Micky, im level 30 now.

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