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After some technical issues I got helped with by helpful members of the community, here are some impressions of the industrial area for Spectre. Some inverted text will get fixed later on.

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First of all, special thanks to Preben for helping me out with my issue. If you ever have the runtime error 7018 problem, you can activate log generation in the setup.ini and read out which mesh is causing the trouble. It was a character creator head, which I would have never figured out if it wheren't for Preben.

SO, I'd like to share some impressions from the industrial area. It plays pretty well and looks cool in motion but with the way the engine renders, idle screenshots can look a bit harder to read. You'll also notice some things I will fix later like inverted text. These rounded signs on the main building are animated and I accidentally inverted the text on export. Rookie mistake when it comes to working with .x files but it happens occasionally.

I think I did manage to convey the inhospitable vibe for the industrial area I was going for, here are some screenies:

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