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Moving the project on to UE5 I decided that there is no more reason to withhold the old GG versions from the public. Those who are interested in the project can try those out now :) I hope that at least a few folks will find some enjoyment in them.

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Hello folks!

Its been a while since I last posted. The 5th June feels like I was in a different universe at the time. So much has changed for me in these few months its staggering. Well, most of that is personal stuff that will be of no interest to you but I also decided to move this project to a different engine. Kind of to test the waters. Some of you follow me on youtube and might remember me announcing this but I never put anything forward on the forums. There where a lot of issues with the alpha versions that made me lose motivation to continue a project of this size in game guru. HOWEVER, since the project will be continued in a different engine anyway, I feel that there is no reason not to release the work-in-progress alpha versions for everyone to play around with.

Now these are rather unstable, imperfect versions for game guru enthusiasts and people who have followed me so far and want to try something out. These are not complete games by any means.

First, those who are interested can view a little video of an early UE5 version here:


Alpha April 2021 (this one should be the night time city seen above (Apothecary)) This is the most stable version of them all.

Alpha 3 - Early 2021 (this version is the most fun to play. Its the jungle base also seen above.)

Alpha 2 - Foggy Jungle. A good amount of jank but very playable. Might be difficult to get running. Might need to be launched
up to a dozen times to start. IDK why.

Alpha 1 - City Level with barely any gameplay. Terrible performance. Only for the most dedicated.

BONUS: Operation Iron Badger - Spectre Map repurposed as stand alone contest entry.

Keep in mind that these are alpha versions. Also the game guru version is discontinued, so while I always enjoy reading feedback from you guys, you don't need to take the time to review these as they will not be changed going forward. But you can always leave me a note if you had fun with those

Thanks for reading and I hope y'all are having a good one!

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