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Post news RSS Spectral: Alpha 1.3 Its here!

This version got a lot of graphics changes, some optimization and some other in the game mechanism.

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Some changes for Alpha 1.3…


  • Menu System.
  • Enemy HP boosted.
  • Stamina recovery boosted.
  • Some weapon damage boosted.
  • Before this version, the reload auto canceled when reloading.
  • Peacekeeper ammo when buying it.
  • Car removed due to big problems with collisions, maybe will be back.
  • New Map: The desert and Location selector.
  • Healing and bleeding system.
  • Fixed player death.
  • Full screen mode. (Experimental)
  • Exit button in menu.
  • New game mode: Defend the helicopter, from desert map.
  • Boxes and secret boxes with random loot in maps.

Visual and Audio:

  • Shop HUD.
  • Menu sounds and music.
  • Player clothes.
  • Menu redecoration.
  • Now the buy platform, it’s a human that sells things to the player. (Like RE4)
  • Moving menu smoke, clouds.
  • Minimap icons.
  • Hitmarker sound when hitting enemy out of range.
  • Fixed sound loop at shooting.
  • Crimson shooting sound.
  • Corpsemaker shooting sound.
  • Peacekeeper shooting sound.
  • Player small rotation at shooting that simulates recoil.
  • Smoke when shooting.
  • Red bar in player head when healing with medkit.
  • Blood icon when bleeding and Blood icon with Green Arrow when healing.


  • Lights lag at spawn point in forest.
  • Zoom in and out lag.
  • Reduced in-game instances.
  • Reduced the size of map image.

Note: The med kit stops the bleeding when used and grants a healing Buff for short time.

The Forest map continues being the same, a “Survive till death”.

And more.

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