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It's time for competitive puzzle and shooting action! Spark & Sparkle is available for 30% off on Steam!

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Spark & Sparkle is a retro, arcade-style scrolling shooter where players compete to build jigsaw puzzles!

Available now on Steam! It's 30% off during the Steam Summer Sale!

In this game, 2 players defeat monsters to earn puzzle pieces, then use those pieces to build their puzzle. The first player to finish their puzzle wins!

Gameplay Screenshot

Spark & Sparkle has 8 playable characters, each with their own weapon and special attack.


There's powerup items and boss monsters to keep matches interesting - plus, puzzle pieces arrive in vending machine-style capsules, bouncing around the screen like a pinball before emerging from their container!

In Arcade Mode, you can play through 5 "tours" of increasing difficulty, unlocking new characters, puzzles, and stages.

Arade Tour Select

In Match Mode, you can play against a friend, or against the computer. Choose your characters and set up your own match preferences like puzzle, background, and difficulty.

Match Settings

Online Mode has public matchmaking and Steam friend-list support.

There are over 100 puzzles, over 10 backgrounds, and 5 different visual styles for enemy monsters.

The game has full controller support, reassignable controls, and options to adjust or completely turn off the blur and scan-line screen effects.


Spark & Sparkle is Essencey's first project. In addition to challenging its players to assemble jigsaw puzzles while havoc rains down on them, Spark & Sparkle is an attempt to really capture the feeling and atmosphere of an old arcade game.

Spark & Sparkle's soundtrack is available to download for free on Steam. Check it out, here!

There's also "Spark & Sparkle Soundtrack: Extra Sounds," a second album, featuring alternate versions of some of the game's music tracks. It's available for free on Steam, too. Check that out here!

Thank you so much for checking out our game. We really appreciate your time, and if you play Spark & Sparkle, we really hope you enjoy it!

- Essencey


Spark & Sparkle on Steam

Free Download - Spark & Sparkle Soundtrack

Free Download - Spark & Sparkle Soundtrack: Extra Sounds

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