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This article will tell you why Space Music is becoming fun!

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Although the images don't look much, but in the Core of the game has been modified a lot to give more things to do if you just happened to be bored on your laptop or computer at home. The game will not be released for Linux unfortunately, because of much more work would had to be contributed.

Plus Wine for Linux is free to run Windows Apps on Linux and I'm not sure if it works with my game, but give that a shot Linux users and let me know what you have experienced.

Any way your wanting to cut to the chase and here are some new things. You may now fire plasmas at any blocks in any game modes and they don't add or remove points if you hit any block. The projectiles just remove it...

Iv also greatly improved performance on the game using multithreading with the Pitch Detector and the blocks now spawn 30% more then they would have. So you don't get the shake or the 'lag' as much.

I also made a new GUI menu with the game, though not pretty but it works out. With the added GUI you now have a tag system and a save feature for the game. So now you can call yourself somebody and the game will save your options and tag and when you finished a song your score gets saved and ranked with other scores you had on the same song or with other people. Though the game doesn't support multiplayer that does not mean you can't play the same song as someone else at the same time in one room...

The game now comes with a new model space craft that's more detailed, but still polishing it. The blocks haven't been changed. But designing something else is pretty difficult for something then a block.

For now all I can say the game will be released somewhere this summer. I'm now working on the AI for the Space Invader mode then I have to do a few tweaks and test to make sure everything is polished up and the game will be ready. For now the modes I will talk about with also more in depth preview of the How Well, Easy, Medium, and Hard modes are going to work with different game types.

Thank you, Ajm!

Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Looks good but isn't this just audiosurf ??.

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purplehaze412 - - 368 comments

Wrong, Although the strong resemblance, This game also has a few other game modes, and a new style.

I do have to say that it does remind me of it, But now i see how much more occasional this is compared to audio surf

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Daystranger - - 327 comments

Well, at least change shapes of figures to circles or something. This looks WAY TOO copy\pasted.
And it ruins the game feeling. Even if it got some distinctive features.

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DuckSauce - - 969 comments

I agree, maybe make something more spacey looking rather then these simple blocks?

Like coloured asteroids or something?

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DrakkLord - - 24 comments

Seems promising, keeping an eye on it ;)

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