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My side about Stay Dead, my first Motion Picture Game

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I'm 36, italian, and I can't stand:

- 98% of the fps actually on the market
- 100% of rpgs of all time
- fantasy genre
- all the games that have more than 3 buttons to handle
- styleless games
- everything that is free roaming
- all the games where you gotta read half an hour of dialogues for just a minute of game.
- all the games born from marketing dept. instead of the creative one.

I think that's more than enough for 99% of you to hate me:)

Assuming that Stay Dead was created avoiding everything I cannot stand, I guess my humble attempt to thinking out of the box is starting with a -20 handicap. But, because I'm so naive, I'll try to convince you anyway that it is possible to create an original and fun game, entirely made using real life footage.

Here are the points I wanna use:
- Stay Dead is NOT an interactive movie, because I HATE interactive movies, 'cause they're too visually poor to be movies and too lame to be games.
- Stay Dead is a round beat'em up with elements from rhythm games and for once it's fun to defeat a real person instead of a puppet with texture.
- Visually it's awsome
- While you play it, you really feel you're moving the character inside an action movie.
- Whoever tried it said that he's never seen anything like that.
- Whoever tried it had fun (this isn't true, not everybody, but most of 'em did actually enjoyed it)

Relatives apart, who among those who tried it had fun playing it?
A lot of people, among the others:
- tgm editors
- gamesvillage editors
- capsulecomputers editors
- the games blog editors
- people in playstos (who loved it so much that joined us in the production)
- 505 games production managers

Obviously not everybody who played it liked it, of course, and they're still few the ones who played it, but they should be enough to raise a little doubt about the fact that this is not the same old interactive movie, but maybe suggest you the fact that this is a new idea:

The attempt to be able to move Indiana while you're watching the most amazing action sequences in Indiana Jones, like he was Mario or Lara Croft.

If any of you believes in the project and has a blog/web site and maybe wants to review the game to spread the voice, please drop me a personal message and I'll be more than happy to let you play Stay Dead.

Thanks everyone.


Uhm... You say that you hate "all the games born from marketing dept" but this post and what it tried to do is exactly that, since you said that we cannot understand the game without playing it then with this post you are actually trying to sell the game with marketing and hype, while people would never buy a game that they don't understand how it works (and so if they like it), and if they do then it doesn't bother how the game is, they already gave you the money. So release a demo or at least a video explanation with camera of the dude tapping on the keyboard on one side and recorded gameplay on the other.
You are like someone with a box that says "I'm selling what is in this box, but to know what it is you have to buy it, trust me it's awesome." Do you understand the fallacy of this behaviour? :P

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brucefilm Author

ok, wait a second. i can't stand games that born from marketing dept., born from marketing research and itw or games planned to be fun because the market said so. And this game isn't born from markeint dept. for sure. But i have nothing against marketing itself. to sell a game the marketing is vital. We are relatively new to this market and we have not yet figured out well our marketing moves. But i don't think that we'll publish a demo soon, because we have conflicting ideas about demo here at brucefilm. We are experimenting with a video player/gameplay. Maybe it'll be our next trailer. Meanwhile we prefer to let someone else explain the game for us. if you want to know how stay dead work you can look at this: The-games-blog.com. at least it's a beginning....

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Thanks for the link, despite what maybe could seem from my posts I'm really interested in your work, that's why I keep watching this page and reading the news, it's just that I don't understand how someone could throw his money away so easely "hoping" that the game is good and he likes it, and moreover how the creators could expect the customers to do this, IMHO a demo or at least that kind of video is absolutely ESSENTIAL if your game is so "unique", people must know what they are going to buy, only publishers that doesn't believe in their product and wants cheap "blind" purchases doesn't allow the players to really figure how the game is before buying, and this instantly throws away the trust about the publisher and the game. I'm still looking forward to this demonstration video, I'm genuinely interested. :)

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brucefilm Author

Ok. Thank you for your interest. So, keep watching our moves because we'll do our best to let every one know what's in the box before they give us their money!

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This is some incredibly poor advertising. Your opinions are coming across as 'telling us' how to and what to like. If you want to describe it is you have here, it's best to keep on a linear path and not interject your 'strong' opinions, it just doesn't appeal to the community at all.

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