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Here just a little about our last week ^^ New project, old project, almost done game and a MUSIC :D

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We are woking in two games to be released very soon, the first one is the Space Lander, we are working hard to make a very nice work on this game, now with achievements, leaderboard, sound effects, music and more than 20 stages!
Check a music test from Richie to the game :D

Reitano and Luiz Fernando did a very nice work to create some new planets to the game, and everything with the original Game Boy palett.


And we are working in a new game title for mobiles, yes, after 8 long years, we are working in a new game form mobiles, the last full working prototype was the Garden Warfare, (no, we aren't talking about the plants game xD).
Here a screen from Garden Warfare for devices with J2ME support.


Let's take a DeLorean to return to 2006, I'll talk a little about how hard was to develop mobile game :)
Develop games for mobile was very hard and very expensive, was need to draw lots of sprites and different softwares for different devices, not like today where we have Unity, Construct or many other nice game engines where you develop once and deploy to any platform with just one click! So, we closed this project and the VEM (Vortex Entertainment Mobile) program.
But, now we are back to mobile devices, and no, we aren't working in a new build of Garden Warfare, well, not yet, we are working in a casual game for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, IOS, Android.
So, this is just a little about what we did last week :)

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