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New in-game tips added to the game and more! Read on to find out!

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Tips have now been added to Small Chronicles! They will appear randomly during the game's loading scene (as shown below)!

In-game tips!

And here's the video version of it! :D

The open beta of Small Chronicles is also coming to its end soon so if you want to
contribute your feedback and also earn rewards for doing so, be sure to hurry up and sign up now!

You can do so at Whitesponge.com :)

As I had mentioned before, Small Chronicles will be released into multiple chapters.

Chapter 1 - Key of Light and Darkness introduces the first two playable characters - Kon and Lyea.

Kon, whose sister was mysteriously kidnapped by an unknown evil force, sets out on an journey to rescue her.

On the other hand, Lyea, who is also Kon's childhood friend, decides to chase after Kon when she discovered that he left without saying anything.

Chapter 1 only tells the first half of the game's story but also introduces league mode!
League mode is where you can pit your characters against other opponents and win awesome rewards (rubies)!

So what about the 2nd half of the game?

That's where Chapter 2 comes in :D

What's to come?

I will also be announcing when the open beta closes and the official release date of Chapter 1 really soon! ^^

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