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A survival, multiplayer game on sky islands with an infinite world like Minecraft but without blocks! Everything is destructible!

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Hi guys and welcome back to another devlog about skyland! This time my focus over the last 2 weeks were the basic tools but before I started with that I finally created a logo for the game in blender. This is how it looks for now;


So the next thing on my todo list were the basic tools so I went right back into blender and started modelling those. The tools include a scythe which will be used for the agriculture part of the game like harvesting and planting crops, a shovel for digging around the world, a pickaxe for mining minerals like iron, gold and copper, and a axe to cut down trees. I also added a leafy flask to keep your player hydrated.

tools small

So yeah now it was time to implement the health and thirst stuff but first I had to code a nice shader for it. Basically just a colored background with some bubbles floating around.


And here is the drinking and refilling functionality in action:


And as a last thing I also finally implemented the berry bush stuff. You can now pick up berries from bushes and they regrow over time. I am not sure yet if I will implement hunger or just let the player heal when he eats something like in the old Minecraft days.


If you want to get a more in depth look you can check out my devlog series over here: Youtu.be


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If you have any feedback you can leave it here! :)

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An pickup animation when you take berries would look really good, you have an idea on how the game world is gonna be already? like, is there gonna be monsters, infecteds, etc or pure survival

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haubna Author

I am currently working on simple goblins. I will probably go more with mythical creatures. And yeah you're right a pickup animation would be great. Currently I am just doing the most important stuff so some animations are still missing since making those usually takes a lot of time.

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