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Post news RSS Skyland Devlog #04 - Crafting + Waterfalls

A survival, multiplayer game on sky islands with an infinite world like Minecraft but without blocks! Everything is destructible!

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Hi guys and welcome back to another devlog about skyland! The last 2 weeks I've been working on building, crafting and the world generation. So lets dive right into it.

The building behaviour in this game should be similar to the one of Fortnite because of how easy it is to use. The only exception is that it shouldn't be entirely based on a grid system. So in my version you place your building whereever you want and the other buildings align accordingly to the placed one.


The next thing on my todo list was the world generation. So far I only generated 2 layers of floating islands which looked kinda weird and flat. So I decided to write a new system for that with multiple thicker layers.


Now it was time to challenge my greatest fear again... clouds. I already have a working implementation with flat clouds in the sky but those aren't as pretty as I would like them to be. So here we go! I recoded the raymarcher for clouds and ended up with this.

clouds low

The next thing I put my focus on was the inventory and crafting. I wrote a little 9patch shader and ended up with the following. The crafting itself just checks if you have enough of the items in the inventory and if so you can craft the item you click on. More advanced crafting will be added with workbenches and so on.


The last thing I worked on was the water. Because I already worked on the world generation in this devlog I decided to add water back into the game. So here it is. Rivers + Waterfalls!


If you want to get a more in depth look of the game development you can check out my commentated devlogs on YouTube: Youtu.be

haubna Author

Feedback as always is much appreciated! :)

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This game is so stupidly satisfying to look at and see updates for, how are the games survival mechanics going to play out? Pretty basic and simple like Minecraft or something a little more in-depth?

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haubna Author

Thanks! I am not sure yet. Having a challenge is fun but making it too hard might be frustrating.

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Looks like a mix between Unturned, Minecraft, and Fortnite. I'm interested.

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haubna Author

Thanks :)

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