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Ski Jumps is a virtual best ski jumping. An exciting sports game that absorbs you for hours. Ski Jumps is a virtual ski jumping simulator that players from different generations love. In the game, you play the role of a young ski jumper dreaming of great jumps, winning competitions, and above all of the Crystal Ball for winning the World Cup.

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Taking into account the sports interests of Poles in recent years in ski jumping, it could be safely said that our national sport is not football but jumping. Małyszomania and Stochomania bring together an increasing number of fans of this sport discipline. The creators of the game - SuperNova Interactive - met these needs and the Ski Jumps game seems to be the fulfillment of dreams of every player-fan of ski jumping, giving us the opportunity not only to play the jumping manager, but also the ski jumper himself. Here we get a real competition with players around the world in real time.

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As a real longtime ski jumping maniac and a fan of all gaming, I was looking for a 'via www' game for a long time, which would fully satisfy me. Almost all of the items I found had some flaws: a complicated interface, too large, even overwhelming number of senseless options, poorly developed player profile, pay4win game mode, no contact with the administration. And finally I found Ski Jumps online. After registering in the game, it turned out that this is not your typical manager, like their wile. The game also gives you the opportunity to play the role of a ski jumper, whose development and achievements will be the result of our efforts, work and willingness to constantly improve.


All typical manager games have such an extensive managerial profile that the player, no matter how he tried, at some point starts to get lost in the game, losing all the joy of the game. However, the gameplay in Ski Jumps is very intuitive. The jumper's success in real life is influenced by: systematic training and the equipment he uses. It cannot be otherwise in Ski Jumps Game. After logging in to the game, our jumper's profile is displayed, which contains all the most important information: which representation he belongs to (the representation is given automatically when creating a new character), the wealth of our portfolio, the amount of energy we have and the most important: the level of our fatigue, availability, form and health. These parameters, along with the number of skills and the level of coefficients, have an impact on how we perform in a given competition, information about which we also have at hand.


The most important of the possibilities of developing our jumper in the game is training. And here Ski Jumps offers us several options: normal training, training in the gym, training on the hill, specializations, quick training and lectures. In normal training, which is the most important training, we can improve the jumper in four categories: breakout, balance, landing, concentration. To train any of the skills, we need money and energy points (PE). We get money in various ways: by working, completing tasks (weekly, daily and in the bowling alley), taking up challenges in competing with NPC jumpers, from club and national team salaries, the fastest of which is work, for which we get money and seniority points.

The more work we do, the more internship and money we gain - so regular work pays off. We also have the option of depositing part of the money in a bank where it will pay off every day. On the other hand, PE can be obtained, for example, by completing tasks, participating in events and taking up challenges or resting at home. In addition, every day energy points are allocated to us again in the form of 150PE.

Training at the gym - available only to players with a premium account, but this does not mean that we are not going to lose our chances, because unlike other games that offer premium accounts and currencies (Premium Points - PP), which can be purchased for real money, Ski Jumps offers many possibilities. to obtain a Premium Account and PP. They can be obtained from the very beginning for completing the tutorial, and then by taking part in the daily lottery, gaining the most prestige in the week, training the most PE or performing duels with NPC jumpers in Challenges. As you can see, this is not a typical pay4win game, because all players have equal chances in the game.

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Training on the hill enables us to train on any ski jumps from around the world, by using tickets, a specific pool of which is given to us every day. We can also get them like PE or money by doing other activities. It is up to us which hill our training will take place on, thanks to which we have the opportunity not only to improve our skills, but also to travel between the largest and most famous jumps in the world of ski jumping. From Zakopane, through Willingen to distant Hakuba or the frosty Scandinavian Vikersund.

Specializations affect the length of the jump and its style. Each of the nine specializations can be developed to a maximum of level 10. Among the specializations we can find: the force of pushing away from the beam, positioning the body on the ramp, arranging the skis in the shape of the letter "V" or behavior in difficult conditions. Each of them has an impact on various aspects of our jump (speed, flight length, better takeoff), which are of great importance in real ski jumping, which adds realism to our competition in the game. Quick Training is perfect for players who want to spend a little less time playing their game or just don't have that much time. It allows you to train a large amount of PE in a shorter time than in normal training. The lectures are a specific training, available only once a week, on Sunday. They give us the opportunity to train a higher number of random skills for a lower fee, in a shorter time.


We already know that the training development of the jumper in Ski Jumps is very extensive and gives us many opportunities, and at the same time it is clear, readable and uncomplicated. And why train so much if not for competitions? And at this point there are so many possibilities that my eyes lit up. In the game, we can take part in many competitions and compete with other players on many levels. The season is divided into winter competitions: we have classic competitions transferred directly from the real world, such as: World Cup (divided into men's and women's sections), Team Cup (also men's, women's and junior), Individual Championships and Flying Championships Ski, National Cup and Club League.

In addition to the competitions that are reflected in reality, Ski Jumps has several proprietary competitions, incl. 5 Countries Tournament, 4 Hills Tournament, North Tournament. Competitions in which juniors appointed to the national team take part (Continental Cup) and the National Cup, in which every registered player can take part. You can also take part in the Summer Cup.



In Ski Jumps, in addition to the extensive jumper profile, which we can train in all ways, gain skills, earn virtual money and take part in prestigious competitions and thus compete with other players, the game offers us a few small pleasures that make the game more pleasant and also have an impact. on our player. In the Pub, we can eat everyday meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) that affect our weight and health. We will give an interview and we will spin the wheel of fortune. In the Store, we will buy the necessary equipment (skis, goggles, boots, gloves, helmets, overalls), wax adequately to the current conditions, skis. At Spa, we will reduce fatigue, get in shape and go for health treatments. As a manager-jumper, we have access to the list of our own achievements in the season and throughout the career. We can be appointed to the national team of our country and take part in competition between clubs. We will check the rankings and chat with other players and get the necessary help.

Considering that the game has been in the demanding and ruthless world of online games continuously since 2013, and there are more and more people willing to play every day, I can confidently say that it is 100% accurate and meets the sometimes exorbitant requirements of players. Each of us would like to go down in the history of ski jumping as the best competitor, like Adam Małysz, Kamil Stoch or other outstanding jumpers. Thanks to Ski Jumps, we have such an opportunity.

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It's worth adding that the game has been continued in the form of a Ski Jump Simulator.
More info about new game is on Portal MMO - new ski jumping pl game.

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