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We have, after the weeks of voting, come to a decision about whether we will include a singleplayer version, and how we are going to do it.

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Hello everyone!

As you can see on the revamped mod page, we have finally come to a decision about the singleplayer idea. The Duel Mod is going to be released in Single- And Multiplayer. It will most likely be as follows: The fist alpha will be only with the singleplayer campaign. The second alpha will be with both, singleplayer campaign and singleplayer extra campaign (the duel specific one). The then following beta will be with all three, SP campaign, SP extra campaign, and multiplayer server.

That now means that we will be continuing to work on the multiplayer function as we did before, but in addition we will start modiying the Singleplayer Campaign in order to get things going.

We are looking for an AI Coder, as well as someone who knows and understands the module system in order to create the rest of our Admin Tools. Gulos, the coder of the famous mod "Warband RolePlay" has been kind enough to send us the old Swadian tournament Admin Tools, so we now only need someone who can actually modify it correctly.

Thanks to everyone who is following the progress of this,


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