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Shinobi Story's Early Access Alpha now LIVE! Play Now to discover your own Ninja Way in a 3D Open-World Ninja MMORPG!

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We have done it. We have finally released Shinobi Story for early access alpha! This means that Shinobi Story is still undergoing a lot of live development, but we've let players in to finally begin their own journey to finding their unique ninja way! We will be allowing players to test features, play the game, PvP, PvE, Roleplay, and even customize their characters! With a living economy, a huge world, and a dedicated community, you will find Shinobi Story to be an excellent place to make a name for yourself- whether as a friend or a foe... that is up to you! Download the alpha now to tell your own Shinobi Story!

Shinobi Story is a 3D Free MMORPG where you play as a character in the Ninja world! Choose your village and rise up the ninja ranks, even up to the Kage!

We are a player driven game where the community makes decisions for the game world. Gather your allies, fight your enemies, master powerful jutsu, protect your village, or turn your back on it entirely-- this is your Shinobi Story!


Discover your own Ninja Way

With a Village Ranks system, your character is able to have real control & power within their own village, affording higher ranked ninja greater respect and authority that can be given by a player hokage! Journey up the village ranks by taking the deadly chuunin exams, hosted in a mega-event by the staff in heart-racing events such as surviving the gauntlet that is the Forest of Death, testing your wit for battle in 1 on 1 duels watched by the whole village. Will you fight to protect your comrades, or to turn your back on the village completely...

Play with a Community Dedicated Towards the Ninja World

Shinobi Story has an ample community filled with die-hard fans and enthusiasts which will make you feel right at home if you're a fellow fan! Join our growing Community Discord Server to not miss the fun & mingling with our community! After all, food tastes better with company, right?

Immerse Yourself in PvP with a Working Bingo Book & Rogue System

We have a custom coded Bingo Book system for Rogues & Loyal Ninja to be able to track and hunt each other! Punish your enemies by robbing them of money when you track them down, defeat them in battle, and claim their bounty as yours by taking a portion of their money as blood money! With enough infamy, the Village will cast you out, forcing you to live the life of a Rogue Ninja! Seek out other rogues & establish secret organizations to plot your revenge! Whatever your motivation may be, money, power, or pure sadistic slaughter, the choices you make in Shinobi Story will permanently alter the course of the game!

What are you waiting for... see ya' at the Village Gates!

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