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Welcome to our first Shattered Article, an episode of a series about the upcoming game Shattered Origins. We'd like to share as much as possible about this game, as we are very enthusiastic about it – and perhaps you will be as well when you see what is being created!

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Shattered Origins is a unique mixture of an RTS, an RPG and an Arcade game. This means, in short, that you add new constructions to your mothership, research new technologies, produce ships, while the pilots of your ships level up during battles, and there are a number of special abilities at your disposal. The battles are pretty lightweight, focusing more on the fun rather than realism.

Let us take you on a journey with these Shattered Articles, in which we'll share a great amount of info, a bunch of screenshots, gameplay videos, and much, much more.

The background

The Earth was suffering. Humankind destroyed it almost entirely during the pointless wars and the endless hunt for resources. Life was not possible to sustain anymore. Not on that planet, at least.

Anarchy, struggle and fighting against each other... instead of doing the right thing. That was always the nature of humankind.

The humans were lucky. They had a savior. A company called 'Guardians' emerged with enough resources and financial stability to help evacuate most of the population of Earth. They were heroes. A group of the highest military rank united, and formed the 'military council', to supervise all human activities of outer space.

But humankind had much to learn.

The first curse was radiation. While humanity was sitting confortably on Earth, waiting to be saved, they could not even imagine that most of outer space is lethal to human life. They can't survive certain radiation types, and in the end, they did not dare to explore. They did not go anywhere. They were imprisoned in the few gigantic Star Cruisers of the Guardians.


Then the Guardians claimed that humankind can only survive if they are united. Together, they can be safe. It was a principle that was accepted for a short while. When the Guardians started to be fanatic, and see the enemy in everyone, even executing people without much reason, just because they were 'suspicious', the humans finally started to see what kind of people were controlling them.


This was the time when more than two million people stole ships from the hangars, and left the Guardian Cruisers far behind. A few million followed in the coming years.

The Guardians declared these people the 'Pirate horde', and finally, they had a reason to unite. Everyone who remained on the Cruisers became a Guardian, and from then on, the Guardian and Pirate became factions.

Historians tend to call this separation of human factions 'The Shattering'.

Two hundred years later the Pirate Wars are still devastating, and even on the brink of extinction, humankind keeps on fighting.


The main strength of Shattered Origins is the freedom of choices. Nobody will tell you how to do what you have to do – this means that you can even ignore the main story of the game entirely, the only thing you can't ignore is a very brief tutorial in the beginning. The numerous optional missions and secrets hidden throughout the entire starmap can be accomplished even without caring much about the story (except for one of the main turns of the storyline, but that's just too much fun to ignore :P ).

And if you do care, you'll find the story of Shattered Origins interesting, especially if you're into sci-fi tales.

During battles, you can choose which ship you wish to control. While fighting, you can switch to any other allied ship at any time. The camera will quickly jump behind that ship, and the controls are all yours.

In the beginning, you'll quickly gain access to one of the Cruisers, and you can enter its hangar with your ship. There you can equip weapons, special abilities, making that ship pretty unique.

What will come

There are plenty of things to discuss about Shattered Origins, like achievements, the encyclopedia, ship types, the music, just to mention a few. So don't forget to check back, because we'll post the next Shattered Article soon!

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This looks interesting. And a custom-built engine? Great job!

Looking forward to seeing more progress on this game.

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