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Post news RSS SG Warlords v0.610 brings paint-jobs, hangars and much more

It's time for a new content-heavy update! As usual, we have a standard assortment of bug-fixes and tweaks, but wait! There's more! If you get the update now, you'll also unlock new ships, new station models, new GUI functionality, hangard and much much more! Well, you'll actually get all this in any case, whenever you get the update...

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Greetings captains!

It's time for a new content-heavy update! As usual, we have a standard assortment of bug-fixes and tweaks, but wait! There's more! If you get the update now, you'll also unlock new ships, new station models, new GUI functionality, hangard and much much more! Well... you'll actually get this in any case, whenever you get the update...

To make things easier, here's a very short list of the new stuff:

  • Hangar interiors - see your ship in a different light. Literally...
  • Paint your ship - get expressive and go nuts with colors... if that's your thing... You can always just leave it as-is and smack a sticker on the "hood".
  • New ships - We can never have enough of those. Curtesy of the Outerlands this time.
  • New station models - to round up the Outerlands, but there are also some additional new models.
  • Hailing ships - In space, no-one can hear you scream... unless you hail them first.
  • Steam trading cards - Some care, some don't, but the cards are here to stay. We hope you have fun collecting them!

160911 Screenshot Outlaw 01 Tag

I've got another important thing to mention, ladies and gents so let's talk about the updated EULA and Google Analytics. We've implemented this bit into the game. The Analytics monitors what you're doing in the game COMPLETELY ANONYMOUSLY and sends that data over. You can easily turn this feature off through the GameLauncher->Settings panel, but it's important that we emphasize that the feature is ON by default.

There's more new stuff, but I'll leave that in the full change-log which you can find below. We've got some major changes planned for the next couple of updates, but we'll share that info in a little while. Stay tuned!

160911 Screenshot Outlaw 02 Tag160911 Screenshot Outlaw 03 Tag160911 Screenshot Outlaw 04 Tag160911 Screenshot Outlaw 05 Tag

Update v0.610 change-log


  • "Target next enemy" and "Target previous enemy" shortcuts now work as intended.
  • Some light weapon visual effects were doubled. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed an issue with Commodity thumbnail not being displayed properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Commodity descriptions not being displayed properly.
  • Failing a mission while you didn't have controls meant the game got stuck in perpetual darkness. This doesn't happen anymore.
  • "Your garage is empty" tooltip is no longer displayed all over the place.
  • Several sequencing issues in the tutorial portion of the game could get you stuck in a loop. This is now fixed.
  • Using the "Esc" button to close the Configure turret panel no longer bugs up the interface.
  • The VFX of a beam weapon could "lag" behind the target.
  • Activating "Sublight" is no longer possible while your engines are disabled.
  • Grappling a ship now automatically shuts down cloak.
  • Platforms no longer fire "through enemy ships". They can actually hit them as intended.
  • Fixed a problem with the SETH platforme that doubled its model and particles.
  • You could bug up the show/hide animation of the Fleet info panel on the Starchart. Not anymore.
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping text on the "Transfer command" panel.
  • Fixed a problem where, in some cases, tooltips would remain "hanging" on screen on the "Construction" panel.
  • In some instances, the waypoint showing you where you need to jump to during the Prologue would not show. Now it does... every time.
  • Starting a new game, after you've already played a session, now resets resources.
  • Pressing the "Esc" button could in some cases (while another panel was in its opening/closing transition) completely bug up the UI and the entire game. This is no longer possible.
  • "Rank prerequisite" parameter on the Compare panel in the Shipyard now works as intended.
  • Clicking on an object on the left side of the Starchart (where the info panel is displayed) no longer creates UI mayhem.
  • Pressing "Ctrl+C" while an editbox is selected no longer crashes the game.
  • Pressing "Ctrl+V" while an editbox is selected, but with nothing in the clipboard, no longer crashes the game.
  • Fixed several errors with hint highlights.
  • Adding anenhancement onto a ship system that already has that same enhancement mounted no longer takes Credits from you.
  • In some cases, a constructed structure could revert to its non-constructed state. This no longer happens.
  • Button rollover SFX on the Construction panel no longer goes on and on in a loop
  • Loading a game while near a structure under construction resumes the "under-construction" visual effect. Until now, it was simply rendered in its finished state.
  • Selling a ship from your Garage no longer bugs up the interface. Some portions went M.I.A.
  • NPCs will no longer continue firing into nothing when there are no more enemies in the vicinity.
  • In some cases, when issuing the "Build" command on a construction site, the info panel would remain open, making it possible to perpetually issue the same command. Nothing spectacular would happen besides losing resources.


    • In some instances you could get the mission with no real requirements or objectives, making it possible to do nothing and still carry out the mission.
    • In some cases, the "destination" ship, where you have to deliver the goods to, did not properly spawn.
    • Fixed a problem where, in some cases, "fixed" defense platforms wouldn't respond to hostiles.
    • NPCs will no longer decide to self-destruct for no apparent reason.
    • If you don't have enough cargo hold space, you can no longer take this freelance job.


  • Fixed a problem where your fleet would decide to leave the combat for no apparent reason, even if they themselves were under attack.


  • Outerlands ships are added and available for purchase (two more will be coming in the next update)
    • Skelning station: Odin, Valkyrie, Asgard, Midgard
    • Hendall station: Tyr, Valkyrie, Fenrir, Heimdall
    • Battledawn station: Odin, Valnir, Asgard, Midgard, Heimdall
    • Tortuga bay station: Odin, Tyr
    • Lunaee station: Valnir, Fenrir
  • Added "Known prices" panel accessible through the "Trader" panel
    • This opens up the Starchart with the new panel on the left side.
    • Clicking on a location in the list centers the Starchart on the location so you can easily set a waypoint to it.
    • Use the "W" key (displayed on the bottom bar) to filter between all locations and locations where the commodity is being produced/sold.
  • Added hangars
    • The start cutscene can be skipped either with the "Esc" or "Space" button.
    • More different hangars will be added over time.
    • Planets will also receive their version of the hangar.
  • Added the Customize panel
    • You can now do a paint job on your ship.
    • It WILL BE possible to save your finished paintjob as a separate file which you can then store for later or share as a mod or something.
  • Added random dialogues
    • Hail passing ships to start a conversation. You can get some nifty info that way, but also some additional actions like "Trade".
    • Available options depend on a number of parameters (Perks for example).
    • The texts used in the dialogues, dialogue options and "events" that can take place will be further worked on, but suggestions are always welcome.
  • Added Google Analytics "link" into the game.
    • Analytics ANONYMOUSLY collects data from the game session and sends it over.
    • NO PERSONAL DATA is collected!
    • Analytics "works its magic" only when you're connected to the internet.
    • You can easily shut Google Analytics down in the Game Launcher -> Settings window
    • EULA is updated to reflect this addition.
  • Added 5 "Outlaw" station models. Even more stations models are added, but I'll admit that I'm not sure of the exact number.
  • Weapon info tooltip on drydock and ship panel now includes "Damage per second" (DPS) for easier comparison
  • Completely reworked of faction logos
  • Grappling now has a sound effect.
  • Required character level added to the Rank requirement on the Garage panel.
  • Using the "Go to" command through the context menu on a station or planet now means the auto-pilot will go for docking/landing too instead of stopping right next to the object.
  • Trying to activate sublight via hotkey, while it's disabled for some reason, will provide appropriate feedback.
  • Starchart info panels now incorporate auto-scroll when displaying more information. The panel can also be scrolled by dragging it with the LMB.
  • Distance warning is now displayed for the Hail context menu command.


  • Selecting objects in space and firing has received polish and optimization.
  • Resources display on the Construction panel no longer "overflow" into the next line.
  • Using the "Go to" command on the Starchart and through the context menu now do the exact same thing. There was a problem with how far your autopilot would take you, depending on what approach you used.
  • Freelance job target names are no longer shuffled every time you open the Jobs board.
  • Freelance job markers are now of "higher importance" than static objects on the Starchart. Now you can set a waypoint on such a marker even if it is very close to a planet for example.
  • Any active and visible timers are now hidden while you're docked.
  • Planets are marked on the Starchart on greater distances. This will likely be further changed.
  • Warnings and objectives have been moved slightly to prevent overlapping with hints.
  • News are not generated during the Prologue anymore.
  • "Cost" is no longer displayed in the HQ module parameters when it reaches its maximum upgrade level.
  • "Scavenger swarms" added via script now uses an appropriate quick item slot (it is either added to an already existing pool or is equipped to an empty slot).
  • You can now get info on the "advanced" Perks in the Perks panel.
  • Shuffled all of the station models used in the game world. You'll likely notice the "Delta" station model is used more frequently as it is used as placeholder for the missing station models.
  • HQ Mining module -> Asteroid field survey parameter removed because it is redundant.
  • The "Rearm" button is no longer clickable if your heavy weapon ammo is on max.
  • Some characters are no longer available when naming your save file as they could prevent the save file from appearing in the saved games list.
  • Selection highlight on the Loot panel tweaked for better visibility.
  • Using the "Follow" command on hostile ships is no longer possible. This is a temporary measure until proper AI is implemented, in which case the AI will respond to you "being on his tail".
  • Light weapon turret models changed with new ones. This is a work-in-progress, though, and further changes are pending


  • "SetFleetPower" function now properly "reconstructs" an NPC fleet.
  • The initial "root" node of a dialogue now triggers its condition script as intended.
  • "Scripterion" documentation updated with new info.

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