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Post news RSS SG Warlords update v0.505 out now - New gameplay features included!

SG Warlords gets new toys in update v0.505. Along with new ships and stations, you can now construct buildings in your territory!

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StarpointGeminiWarlords UpdateIm

Greetings captains,

This time around, the Additions section is quite a bit larger. We've fixed a lot of bugs too, but as I've announced in the last update, we're switching focus to adding more features. I'm sure you'll easily notice new ships and station models, but new gameplay is also emerging. The key element this time is constructing structures. Yup, it's all slowly coming together. For now, this feature is limited to resource gathering buildings, but new structures will be added over time.

The whole change-log for v0.505 is listed below, but here's just a snippet of what we're aiming for with the next update, planned for mid-July:

  • A completely overhauled encounter system
  • Procedurally generated dialogue system - hail anyone and have a little conversation, with added gameplay functionality of course
  • Overhauled conquest system - The changes will be quite extensive, so we're not 100% sure this will be ALL done for the next update
  • Additional structures, ships and stations

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  • There was an in-code problem with mission tasks, those little bits that appear "on objects" telling you what next to do.
  • Some freelance jobs were missing their descriptions. This is no longer the case.
  • The autopilot will no longer freak out and get you killed when you use "Go to" on a nearby object immediately after loading a save.
  • When a quest-related target, that is also marked accordingly, is behind you, you will no longer see parts of the quest marker on your viewport.
  • SETH platform now has an appropriate-size explosion
  • Fixed a problem with displaying structure names on the Starchart in some instances
  • Fixed a problem with setting a waypoint onto the HQ, where the waypoint would "hover in empty space", above the station
  • Fixed a "Ghost" faction-related issue that could cause the game to malfunction or even crash
  • Props (those small bits that aren't derelicts or ships or any other "important" object) now explode as intended. In some cases this simply wouldn't happen.
  • Planets now have their own appropriate Starchart markers as intended.
  • Fixed a problem with the dialog system where an action script wouldn't fire off if there was only one single dialogue node available as "choice".
  • When you use beam weapons on your own SETH platform, your ship will no longer decide to spontaneously self-combust out of spite
  • Using "Go to" context menu action is now possible on defense platforms
  • Fixed several smaller errors related to destroying structures that, when combined, could cause the game to malfunction or crash
  • Fixed a problem where Power redistribution would "twitch like crazy" if related hotkeys were not set.
  • Convinced several structures to "return" to their proper sectors. For some reason, they appeared in the wrong places.
  • Fixed strange loading error where the skybox would disappear or to be more precise, it would turn completely black.
  • Fixed an error with the Cloak effect that could potentially appear. Only a visual error, though, nothing drastic.
  • The grappler effect is now always visible in the initial Prologue cutscene, as inteded. In some cases, it wouldn't show.
  • The "Game over" panel would sometimes display the wrong text. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a problem with commodity name being displayed wrong (overlapping other text) on the Buy/Sell panel
  • Saving when you have a deployed SETH will no longer create a new building in its place when loading that save
  • Commodity description on the Trader panel now displays the correct text
  • Commodity type in its tooltip on the Trader panel now displays correct "commodity type"
  • Security ships will no longer decide to check your ship for contraband in the middle of a fight.
  • If your auto-pilot destination is a structure or a garrison, the auto-pilot should no longer smash into it, but rather steer around it, or stop in front of it
  • When purchasing a new ship, the weapon batteries will now come with at least one turret by default
  • Fixed a problem where plasma cannons and railguns didn't do any damage to SETH platforms
  • When control is taken away from the player, turn, pitch and roll are also "cleaned up" to prevent going in circles
  • The "AUTOPILOT" label is realigned
  • Fixed an error that would in some instances display the wrong text on the Records->Bonuses screen
  • SETH platforms deployed by the player will now attack hostiles as intended
  • Fixed a problem with displaying enhancement bonuses on their tooltips. This could happen in some instances
  • Notification showing a new fleet is ready, now displays proper region name
  • Fixed a problem with some structures being marked on the Starchart, while in fact the structure isn't actually "there"
  • Fixed numerous text errors and typos
  • Hailing a SETH platform will no longer crash the game
  • Defense platforms no longer fire on the player when he/she is cloaked
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent spending skill points
  • Skyboxes/ambients are now set properly when loading a saved game
  • Fleet->Cargo now displays proper Commodity descriptions
  • You can now mount weapons on the Dynastes as intended
  • The "Configure turrets" panel now displays appropriate info



  • Fixed an error where you decide to pay up, the ship starts leaving, but doesn't respond when you attack it.
  • Fixed a problem where you could flee from a hostile ship, then return, and the ship wouldn't attack you when in range... or do anything basically.
  • Destination ship will no longer turn hostile for no apparent reason when you complete the job.
  • When you forfeit a job and then destroy a job-related hostile ship, you will no longer be able to continue the mission. It will "stay" deactivated as intended.
  • When forfeiting the job, job-related structures will no longer feature job-related markers.

Installation assault

  • Fixed a problem where you couldn't really and completely destroy defense platforms. Now they die as they're supposed to.
  • Fixed a balancing issue with structures being too weak on high-level jobs

Installation defense

  • The structure you're supposed to defend will no longer simply disappear when you complete the mission


  • Destroying a job-related derelict instead of using proper equipment will fail the mission

Search & destroy

  • Fixed a problem where in some instances the "Go to waypoint" objective didn't get replaced with the proper objective once you reached the waypoint.
  • If the NPC decides NOT to surrender, you'll get some form of notification of his hostile intentions instead of him just turning red and going mad.
  • Fixed a problem where in some instances the flow of the quest wasn't logged in the Personal log correctly
  • If you tell the NPC you'll "let him slip this time", you actually do "let him slip this time", so don't expect him to go all gun-ho on you
  • Fixed several instances where random encounters could get triggered during a mission stage, causing the whole mission to "freak out"
  • Mission areas now work as intended. Don't go all "Lemme just go to that planet on the other side of the system and I'll get back to you."


  • Garrisons will no longer switch back ownership to the original faction. Once you conquer it, it will stay yours, at least until someone conquers it back or something.
  • Sending a fleet to attack a hostile garrison will no longer trigger your HQ to go nuts and turn hostile for no reason what-so-ever.
  • Fixed a problem where a Garrison could become "nameless" on the Starchart
  • Fixed a problem where a Garrison could no longer be selected on the Starchart
  • Fixed a bug where you could not set a waypoint on a Garrison on the Starchart
  • Fixed a problem where placing a waypoint on a Garrison that switched alignment would actually set the waypoint to some object on the other side of the world


  • "Go to" waypoint now snaps to "Mission" waypoint so you no longer experience that weird vertical offset
  • Off-world prisons are now added to Gemini. Don't expect too much interaction with them FOR NOW. They're added more like scenery for the time being. Further interaction will be added in future updates.
  • Auto-repair facilities have been added to Gemini. They are also capable of repairing your Hull in space as intended, but usability and visuals will be changed in future updates.
  • You can now invert mouse buttons in the Options menu, as was requested by community members.
  • Added Dithering effect on objects. Dithering "strength" depends on distance to object.
  • Added two new station models
    • Kepler in Aethera
    • Holocom HQ in Union claim
  • New "Level up" SFX
  • New explosions SFX
  • New Game launcher (visually very similar, but with additional functionality)
    • Added splash screen between launcher and main game
    • Game launcher creates its own log so if you encounter any problem, you can check out that file or send it our way
    • Added keybinding section to the Settings screen
    • Added Glow quality option
  • Added 5 new ships: Nyxian Consortium fleet
    • Europa and Neptune can be purchased on Atlantean station
    • Nibiru, Jupiter and Eridan can be purchased on planet Nyx
  • Hellion ship model upgraded
  • Omicron ship model upgraded
  • Added the new Perk system. Most Perks don't have the actual gameplay effect yet, but you can spend earned Perk points and give feedback on the general setup
  • Added two new Freelance job types
    • Hunt - Hunt down a wanted criminal. His or her exact location is not known, though.
    • Prospector - Get paid to collect ore samples.
  • Constructing structures and gathering resources
    • You can now construct resource structures (for now only Reclaimers, Mining operations and Gas collectors)
    • Construction costs resources, which you collect with resource buildings
  • Headquarters now provide income for all three resources (ore, gas, materials) to get you started
  • Constructing HQ modules now costs resources too, instead of just Credits
  • Ore, gas and materials as resources (the actual words) are displayed via icon in text
  • "Credits" (the actual word) is now displayed via icon in text (not in all places though; this will be "cleaned up" through future updates)
  • Ambients in the game world are completely shuffled. This is only a preparation in advance. As individual new skyboxes and corresponding ambients are finished, they'll simply be "plugged in".
  • Station production lists are now switched to so-called templates. This is important for modders and further balance iterations. This also means the first trading balance pass was done.
  • Added new Grappler visual effect
  • Added new Scan visual effect
  • More than 20 station models are updated with particle effects
  • A lot of new loot drop added for more diversity and easier modding and balancing
  • Added sound effects to a number of structures. This is only partially done, however. More SFX will be added through future updates.


  • We're starting to purge the "old" reputation system, taken over from Starpoint Gemini 2. As an intermediary measure, you'll notice your reputation with factions are reset to their default states. Attacking a faction still produces the desired "hostile with faction" effect.
  • The currently targeted ship is now always marked in the viewport, even when "off-screen"
  • Increased "trigger" distance for structures, which means events can happen on greater distances
  • Tactical overlay will now automatically appear when you target a defense platform. It works in the same way as with hostile ships.
  • "Task" label on a quest-related object is now a bit more visible
  • Changed camera maximum zoom out so the tactical overlay can be seen properly on the largest ships
  • Tweaked the area of the screen where the Starchart starts panning
  • Implemented numerous safety-checks to prevent certain variable names used in scripts to crash the game
  • Any manual speed or direction change now shuts down Follow command
  • Stations, planets, structures and garrisons have received a position tweak (vertical offset if you will).
  • "Fire at will" mode now remains active when using Sublight so once you exit Sublight, FAW will continue to do its work
  • Did some changes to game logging. Some false errors were being logged.
  • Did a clean-up of enhancement databases. This is only a preparation for further changes.
  • Jobs board list of avaiable... well... jobs, scrolls back to the beginning when reopening the screen.
  • Planetary atmosphere (rim) effect improved. It "smoothes" out into space
  • Repositioned a couple of resource structures to be closer to their "resource" (Reclaimer -> junkyard, Mining operation -> asteroid field)
  • Numerous ships had their "drone points" redone. These points are used for various visual effects.
  • Updated "Quick Start Guide" to include info on structure construction
  • Updated Glow VFX for improved quality on higher settings, but also as optimization
  • Tweaked camera-related parameters for the Nova ship.
  • Increased damage of Orpheus mines
  • Optimized rendering of transparent or semi-transparent objects for faster framerate. Nothing major, but every little bit helps.
  • Optimized rendering pipeline for improved performance
  • Added Glow settings and optimized setups for improved performance


  • Updated Scripterion documentation
  • Numerous changes to database cross-referencing, switching from IDs to Keynames
  • Loot drop files changed to reference keynames instead of IDs
  • Commodity names are now retrieved by keyname (in database) from the appropriate text file, and no longer directly from the database as value
  • Drone points (used for a variety of VFX) are now no longer a part of only ships, but of all object types. They are saved as separate ".mg" files
  • Continuing to switch the script language to use strings (keynames) instead of integers (IDs). GetProfession and SetProfession now reference profession keynames (database)
  • A lot of structure parameters are removed from sector files. The game now uses a system of overrides. The base values are set in the .str file, while the sector files only hold overrides.
  • A lot of platform parameters are removed from sector files. The game now uses a system of overrides. The base values are set in the .def file, while the sector files only hold overrides.


  • Repairing currently doesn't have a visual effect

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