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Post news RSS SG Warlords gets a host of new gameplay features with update 0.600

The latest update, bringing Starpoint Gemini Warlords version into the 0.6 range, brings a lot of new stuff; new gameplay mechanics, new models and visual effects, along with the complimentary bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.

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Greetings captains,

We've got a whole list of stuff we've managed to finish up and deliver to You. Encounter quests, random news, assembling war fleets, sending civilian fleets on tasks... just to name a few.

As before, the complete change-list can be found below. We hope you like what we've done.

But let's also recap the features we noted in the last update and planned for this one:

  • A completely overhauled encounter system - Nope. Not ready yet I'm afraid, so we're sticking to the old system version until the new one is all done.
  • Procedurally generated dialogue system - Nope. We've hit a snag with this one too. We'll do our very best to activate it all as soon as possible.
  • Overhauled conquest system - Yes. A lot has been done in this department, so please check out the details in the complete changelist.
  • Additional structures, ships and stations - Structures nope, but stations and ships definitely yes.

StarpointGemini Warlords 04

I apologize for not delivering all the planned features, but some things simply require more time to finish up. The conquest part (shipbuilding and fleet assembly) is implemented however, so please take that as a plus :).

StarpointGemini Warlords 01StarpointGemini Warlords 03
StarpointGemini Warlords 02StarpointGemini Warlords 05



  • NPCs will now properly react to you making a run for it during a contraband check
  • Ship manufacturer is now displayed properly
  • Research centers no longer provide resources, as intended. In the future, they'll provide special bonuses.
  • Neptune thruster models reworked a bit
  • There was a problem with the cloak effect in some cases. Now it is displayed properly.
  • In some cases, VFX of skill activations would not show. Now they do.
  • Weapon type name is now properly displayed on the Ship->Systems panel
  • The Newsreel on stations and planets is no longer bugged-up in the first few seconds after landing/docking
  • Encountering a battle will no longer trigger the weirdest of texts, completely unrelated to any combat situation
  • Repair beam is now visible once again
  • Fixed a problem with wrong data being displayed on the commodity tooltip
  • The Game launcher keybinding screen would pop-up a small info window. And when I say small I mean like really tiny. So tiny in fact that you couldn't actually see what it was saying. That's fixed now.
  • The Asteria class has joined the other ships in the ability to be destroyed
  • Ships will now attack Garrisons as intended
  • Fixed a problem where an event linked to a sector would get triggered several times, when it should only trigger once.
  • Using SETH will no longer cause the game to crash. This could still happen in some cases.
  • In some instances, the bridge officer would do "call-outs" even if the action in question wasn't really started.
  • You will no longer gain additional skill and perk points for no apparent reason
  • Using the Cargo Jettison action now does what it should and gets you back to the appropriate screen
  • Commanding one of your fleets to go to the same location they are now at, now does nothing... as it is supposed to.
  • Repair drones will now shut down their beams when they're done. They would look silly otherwise.
  • Deleting a saved game no longer causes an abrupt panel refresh
  • Clicking on the info panel on the starchart, no longer means you've clicked on the Starchart itself (and potentially selected something)
  • Crashing into a junk piece in a junkyard made the piece go *poof* and disappear instead of blowing up as intended. This is now working as intended.
  • Becoming an enemy with the Solari Concord would literally mean "You're your own worst enemy" and it would practically corrupt your save game. That can no longer happen.
  • Derelict created through the destruction of a ship now retains the ship's movement and rotation


  • Salvage
    • A confusion caused by the objective stating to transport onto the target, while the "on-target objective" says to disable it
    • Sometimes you wouldn't get notified that you completed the job.
    • Added the option to "go back" if you've accidentally pressed the wrong button
    • Made some clarifications in the dialogues, to make things a bit more logical
  • Maintenance
    • You no longer get the message telling you how much the "Repair cost" if the repair failed
  • Delivery
    • Getting a job to deliver a package to a yet unconstructed structure could be problematic. This no longer happens.
    • Running around cloaked will no longer work as easy. NPCs can also use anti-cloak equipment and they will detect you.
    • Fixed some confusing bits related to giving bribe and taking it back.
    • Solved an issue where you couldn't transport to a research facility to complete the job


  • Added Civilian Fleets
    • Unlike War Fleets, Civilian Fleets act like an immutable resource, to be reserved only for the duration of a Civilian task.
  • Added Civilian fleet tasks
    • Click on a Task icon on the Starchart and send one of your fleets (if you have the prerequisites)
    • Survey zone
    • Salvage derelicts
    • Junkyard salvage run
    • Asteroid field ore run
    • Nebula gas run
  • Civilian task tutorial mission added
    • After the Prologue is completed, you automatically gain a tutorial mission for Civilian fleet tasks (Lost cargo retrieval)
    • After the tutorial mission is done, Civilian tasks appear as normal
  • Added the Construction tutorial mission
    • After the Civilian fleet tasks tutorial mission is completed, the Construction tutorial mission is triggered
    • This mission teaches you the basics of constructing structures in your territory
  • Added Encounter quests
    • Encounter quests are triggered as you travel through Gemini. They are completely optional and it is up to you to decide whether you'll do something about them or not.
    • Currently 4 different types of encounter quests can appear. More will be added in future updates
    • Encounter quests are marked on the Starchart, but NOT in the main viewport
  • Introduced the ability to construct custom War Fleets with the Shipbuilding panel (Game Menu)
    • Currently, every Concord ship has 2 loadout variations available for construction (MK I & II)
    • Ship "Power" symbolizes an approximation of usefulness in battle
    • Every ship costs Credits and Materials to build. Capture or Construct Junk Reclaimers to increase your Material yield.
    • Ships Built this way are placed in the HQ ship storage. It can only be accessed via the Starchart.
  • Added the Fleet Transfer panel
    • You can now Customize war fleets by selecting the Fleet on the starchart and then right clicking on the HQ or other player controlled fleets.
    • Every Fleet has the same "Power Limit" which restricts how many powerful ships can be placed in the fleet.
    • Fleet "Power Limits" can be enhanced by upgrading the tactical module on the HQ. Proper descriptions will be added in a subsequent patch.
    • There is no limit to the mount of ships that can be stored in the HQ
  • War fleet info improved
    • The war fleet info panel on the Starchart updated to show exactly what ships are in the fleet
  • War fleet auto-resolve added
    • If you don't reach your fleet in time, after it has started a "conquest", the situation will go into auto-resolve
    • The time before auto-resolve is displayed on the Starchart
  • The Korkyran fleet added to the ship roster
    • And these ships are: Pegasus, Cyclops, Medusa, Hydra and Premonition
    • The ships are available for purchase on Rotterdam and Alexandria stations, and on planets Korkyra and Thauria
  • Several new station models added to the mix. (Station models will be additionaly shuffled once all models are completed and implemented)
    • Korkyran battelstation (Alexandria)
    • Korkyran depot
    • Korkyran scrapyard
    • Memphis
    • MultiOps HQ
    • Tortuga Bay
  • Added news to stations and planets.
    • The news is displayed both on the newsreel and in the news panel
    • Currently only random news are generated (and a lot more will be added). Future updates will bring news related to global events, conquest, quests, bounties...
  • Added 5 new ambients (skyboxes) to replace the placeholder skies used sofar. More ambients/skies will come in future patches
  • New "heating" VFX implemented on ships as they come close to the suns and on derelicts as they appear after a ship is destroyed. The heat gradually cools off.
  • Construction POIs (points of interest) are now shown in a cool holographic way in the main viewport
  • The Reputation panel is completely redone and is now accessible.
  • In-game video options are back in business. We still suggest using the Launche settings panel, though.
  • Added player surname to the character creation screen, as it will be used in dialogues
  • "Buy max" button is now added to the Drydock->Configure turret panel


  • Updated station production templates
    • ships are now widely available, but with different prices (the lowest price can be found where the ship is produced)
    • added more equipment as available for purchase on different stations
    • default equipment quantity is added into the mix
  • Improved freelance mission rewards
  • Rebalanced enemy fleet power
  • Rebalanced heavy weapons a bit. Reload time improved, but price is also increased.
  • Rebalanced fighter wings and hangar parameters on ships
  • Junk reclaimer SFX base volume lowered.
  • Structures can now blow up and not just get disabled.
  • Adjusted particle effects on several "trade" station models
  • "Ghost" weapon batteries (those the ship doesn't actually have) are no longer displayed on the Drydock.
  • Residual blast damage created after a ship blows up is drastically reduced. The largest ships would cause too much damage.
  • Changed some keybinding button names to make them more clear
  • Did a slight upgrade to LOD dithering fade
  • Did an updgrade of soft particles used in nebulas
  • Button placement on the Save confirmation panel is changed a bit.
  • The required experience level to purchase a ship is now also shown on the Shipyard screen.
  • Saved game info now includes Ore, Gas and Materials status
  • "Sublight disruptor" detonation VFX upgraded a bit.


  • Switched the "DerelictId" parameter (ID as integer) in the ship file with "Derelict" (Keyname as string). The same EditorDerelicts.wdt base is still referenced.
  • Updated the Scripterion documentation

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Unique combination of several genres: space simulator, RPG and global strategy.

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Very nice game design! :)

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