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'Ello all! I have just uploaded my game - Sector Seven!

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'Ello all! I have just uploaded my game - Sector Seven!
Well, not a full game, only a demo. You can get full version here: Store.indiecity.com

I've put a lot of work in this game... I polished graphics, special effects, bosses, oh, those great and powerful bosses, they took me weeks to finish. So I think that Sector Sever is bloody awesome.
Question is what you think about it!

Since you can download demo as much as you like, I ask you to do it, test first four levels, and give me some feedback.

I want to know if game is enjoyable enough, does ship building is really so cool, is there is something confusing in game I should explain to new players, etc...

I know me my english is not perfect... I fixed spelling errors using handy tools, but I believe (I hope it's just my paranoia) there is grammar errors somewhere in exploration texts or even in story dialogues, and it's horrible. I beg you to report all these errors, so I could fix them. Same goes with all the glitches. I've tested game a lot, but who knows, maybe some problem is still hiding in the dark corner!

Note: For best game looks, you should have at least 1024x800 or greater resolution. If it's lower, game blurs and you can't turn full screen mode on! Also, since game is full of explosions with particles, faster computer is recommended. But if your computer is slow, you can always turn particles off.

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