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Today i want to introduce sectormap features in 1.2.6 Beta.

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Hi commanders!

Today i want to introduce sectormap features in new version:

General sectormap helps to understand space traffic around you in a small scale:


Or in a bigger picture. Distances are in real scale, so some planets are very distant and you need a very large view to see whole star system:


Sector Map can also show many informations about your star system economy and hostile activity. You can search for alive persons, or search for dead bodies to understand how zombie infection is spreading towards stations:


Most used tool is trade offers searcher, you can decide where is best place to buy any item in space:


Miners can use map to search new resources in asteroid belt:


And last, there is something for a signal hunters. Signals are around in deep space, we don know who sends them, but we can use downloaded signals to save blueprits:


Fly safe,

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