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It was dark. I was going to leave some food for the cats in the house's yard. I wandered about a gameplay video from a scary game. And suddenly...

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After eating fish with my family, some bones remained. We usually don't throw them away- we feed the cats with the remains. My mother placed all the bones in a plate and I went out in the yard to leave them for the cats. It was dark outside.
While walking towards the feeding spot, I started calling the cats. No cats responded: I didn't hear any fast cat movement or any mews. But I was going to leave the bones anyway- the cats find any food left on the feeding spot anyway.
I had watched a gameplay video from a scary Wii game: Youtube.com I thought of it while looking in the dark around the feeding spot. The thought made a part of my mind leave reality for a few seconds...
Then I heard a single rustle. From a cat. And I flinched. I got scared by a cat in the night... Only because a part of my ming was thinking about a scary game.
I didn't scream, I only said "WOW!" because I dropped the plate along with the bones. Frankly, the plate did not break, but the food was not served on the proper place- on a rock, but on the wet, slightly muddy ground. The cat, being a cat, did not mind. And it was the only cat that came to eat. Lucky Jimmy (the cat in the preview image)!
I started laughing. Why? Because I got scared by a cat...


Nice story, buddy :)

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Like kRay said above Nice story mate :D

I love to see this as a movie lol XD

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