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Medikits, vests and wounding make an appearance in 0.88, along with plenty of bug fixes and new modding capabilities.

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Hey there!

So, we've finally made it to a point that we got

  1. medikit as support item,
  2. vests that transform getting killed into getting wounded,
  3. squad loadout configs that enable AI soldiers with medikits to be favored in squads,
  4. AI that looks for a moment or a call in a fight to help out a wounded,

to get the medic feature into gameplay! While you might wonder why opt for getting wounded and hope for a medic to come to get you back into game rather than just dying and running back to the zone as another soldier, it's primarily the rare weapons that are meant to make you want to get that vest on; otherwise you'll lose the rare weapon on respawn.

Beta 0.88, wounding and medics

In this version, we've also enabled the rare weapons in classic single-map matches, which means those PvP oriented online matches, or single player, might experience some player(s) getting temporarily overpowered if they manage to find a rare. Easiest way to find one is to listen, it's the bots that usually happen to bring them into a battle, but you might find one in a crate too. Can't wait to see the players getting hunted for the weapons they carry :)

Other than that, plenty of tweaks here and there, a new weapon, a new mortar call, and a hefty amount of new modding potential; map size is open now, for one. See the detailed change log here.

0.89 or 0.90 will see plenty of changes under the hood to make it easier to create server-specific settings for match resources without clients having to download overlay mods to be able to join a server. This should make it easy to alter active weapons, items, vehicles and factions strictly on server side, clients will get the relevant info from the server to configure their game session accordingly and load the needed resources if they have them available. This will make it possible to set up a broader variety of matches in single player too, hopefully including single player Invasion.

RWR website
RWR @ Steam Greenlight

plok - - 36 comments

awesome :)

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JohnSmithTheFourth - - 4 comments

Wow. Awesome work guys, this game is shaping up very well indeed. Looking forward to future features.

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zolamee - - 13 comments

I think this game needs the spotting/support/squad order type of HUD option that battlefield 2 and 2142 have where you press Q and have the option to call out for ammo,medics,rides,spot enemies,etc.. lol
I love the game but thats would make it a little better for MP in my opinnion lol

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JackMayol - - 116 comments

hi Zolamee, when you press LMB while wounded you call for a medic. We discussed yesterday about spotting options.We aren't fans of HUD options. Our idea was to just hover with the crosshair over an enemy vehicle to spot him and it will be marked on the map for a short while, like in BF2 but without needing to press anything.

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captinjames - - 102 comments

buy vest now and you were live... kindof

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